Swords of Legends (Gu Jian Qi Tan) Donghua Adaptation Overview & Updates

A familiar name is about to invade the donghua community in 2022 as the popular video game Gu Jian Qi Tan, or also known as Swords of Legends is getting an anime adaptation as revealed by Tencent during their 2021 annual conference. Now, many donghua fans, as well as avid players of the game, might have that kind of familiarity with it and we are simply excited about what the upcoming series has in store for its fans next year.

Swords of Legends (Gu Jian Qi Tan) Donghua Announcement

The adaptation was unveiled during the 2021 Tencent Video Animation conference where the company has unveiled their 2021-2022 donghua lineup which includes returning sequels, newly adapted works, as well as some originals, and some of these titles has already premiered a few weeks ago such as Battle Through The Heavens Special – The Three-Year Agreement, The Proud Swordsman, and The Outcast Season 4.

Swords of Legends donghua

The upcoming donghua is adapted from GuJian, The tale of ancient swords – a 3D RPG series that was first released in 2020 in China. It was developed by Aurogon with the Gamebryo engine and Gamebar as its publisher.


Set in a fictionalized version of ancient China, players control Baili Tusu, a young swordsman with a tragic background. Elements of traditional Chinese culture, including mythology, cuisine, fashion, architecture, and Taoism, were prominent; the main characters’ names are derived from the names of alcoholic beverages in ancient China.

The RPG game also inspired a Chinese live-action drama series in 2014 under the title Swords of Legends, the same title as the upcoming donghua. It stars Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Qiao Zhenyu, Gillian Chung, Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang, and William Chan.

Animation Studio, Release Date, and Trailer

The studio for Swords of Legends donghua hasn’t been revealed yet but its producers are Tencent Penguin Pictures and Wangyuan Shengtang. The series had been listed as one of the upcoming titles from Tencent in 2022 albeit with no specific date yet, but it’s been confirmed for release next year.

Unfortunately, the production committee hasn’t unveiled any trailer of promotional videos yet other than a concept art which was first highlighted as the promo art for the series. Nevertheless, we can always check its official page here: 古剑奇谭 whenever a new trailer and additional promotional materials had been revealed.