Spare Me, Great Lord! / Da Wang Rao Ming Donghua Opening Theme Unveiled

It’s quite rare to see such a gorgeous quality in Chinese animation despite its growing popularity, so seeing an opening theme such as this will make you excited to see the actual series.

Da Wang Rao Ming OP

Tencent and Big Firebird Animation has unveiled the opening theme for its upcoming donghua (Chinese anime) Da Wang Rao Ming or also known as Spare Me, Great Lord which is scheduled for release on December 3, 2021.

Da Wang Rao Ming Opening Theme

The opening theme looks gorgeous and lit, features such quality that can be compared even to the best of what the Japanese animation can even produce. It feels psionic as if there’s an actual involvement of psychic powers in it and it makes the flow of the animation even solid and surprisingly good. It also gives us a glimpse at the character of our main protagonist Lu Shu.

Da Wang Rao Ming opening theme is performed by the Chinese Vtuber 阿萨AzA, a member of VirtuaReal. The song is titled Not To Be Messed Up and it also gives off the same vibes as The Daily Life of the Immortal King OP “Xian (仙)” by Wei Bo En.

Now, the Da Wang Rao Ming opening theme has reminded me of 2 of the most absolutely awesome OP that I had ever seen, it’s from the 2020 anime Pet and this year’s most shocking donghua Link Click. So what are the similar elements? Well, I think it’s a great animation sequence plus some lit music.

Alright, the opening theme is already enough to make me excited to watch Da Wang Rao Ming upon its release on December 3. If you also want to watch it, you better save its official page on Tencent, and hopefully, we’ll also get it on WeTV.

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