Fantasy x Hunter (Huan You Lieren) Set for Release on December 25, 2021

There’s a lot of reason to be lively and happy on Christmas Day, and Tencent has just given us another one to further enjoy the day with the release of Fantasy x Hunter, one of my most anticipated donghua ever since 2019 and it’s great that it’s finally coming out before 2021 ends.

It has plenty of elements that will catch the attention of many anime fans including its science-fiction side, as well as the game-related aspects that will remind anime fans of popular series such as The King’s Avatar, Log Horizon, and even Sword Art Online.

Fantasy x Hunter release date poster
Fantasy x Hunter release date poster

In the latest announcement made on the Weibo page of the donghua, it was revealed along with a new promotional poster and trailer that Fantasy x Hunter or also known as Huan You Lieren is scheduled for release on December 25, 2021, on Tencent Video.

Here’s the new PV for the donghua while its latest promo poster was posted above in this post. Fantasy x Hunter is animated by Colored-Pencil Animation, the studio behind The King’s Avatar Season 2, and the highly anticipated Blades of the Guardians, while Tencent Penguin Pictures and Yuewen Animation and Comics are serving as the producers.


In 2079 the birth of the brainwave instrument BrainStation triggered the fourth industrial revolution. Mankind has ushered in a brand new era-the “virtual cyber age”. Through the use of a BrainStation, people can connect to an all-encompassing cyber world. This virtual world is constructed like a neural network and the entire system is controlled and dispatched by the master brain Watson. However, overtime issues are starting to surface: many people can’t distinguish between virtual and reality, leading to psychosis and long-term addiction to the virtual world.

Source: QQ, translated, edited

If you wish to watch Fantasy x Hunter, you can now bookmark its official page on Tencent Video and check it out upon its release on December 25.

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