Legend of Sho Release Date Slated on December 8

Shushan Qi Xian Lu, or also known as Legend of Sho is another historical donghua that every fan should look forward to before the year ends, and what’s even more amazing is that we won’t get to wait that long since it’ll premiere in December 8, 2021, as part of the Fall lineup along with Spare Me, Great Lord, Swallowed Star, Fantasy x Hunter, and Purple River.

Legend of Sho Donghua Poster
Legend of Sho Donghua Poster

Legend of Sho has already posted its countdown posters on their official Weibo page, featuring the characters of the series in their cute version, the chibi style.

Furthermore, its ending theme had been revealed too, featuring the song “That Boy” which was performed by Sarak and composed by Li Yunqi as shown below.

[ending theme]

“That boy, that white horse, wandering around the world, with a heart for the world.”

Via: Weibo

Legend of Sho release date is on December 8, but let’s get to know the team behind it and a short overview of the series. The donghua is adapted from Shushan Qi Xian Lu (Legend of Shu), a popular Chinese manhua that revolves around a fantastic and action-packed story of adventure, filled with supernatural cliches, and our typical Chinese humor and antics.


During the An Lushan Rebellion of the Tang Dynasty, monsters are everywhere and the people were destitute in the Central Plains. Li Haobai started from the Bashu and wanted to go to the front line to make a meritorious deed. On the way, he was swallowed by the monster. By coincidence, Li Haobai and the guardian of the dragon’s veins merged with each other to obtain the power of the black dragon. And he has since been involved in the struggle of various forces.

Source: wawayu.tv

The Legend of Sho donghua is animated by Wawayu Animation, and produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures. The series has been previously announced during the 2021 Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference last August 8. Its production studio, Wawayu Animation is known for its works on Cinderella Chef (Adorable Food Goddess, The Leader, the White & Black Warriors, and the later seasons of Bring Home the Nation’s Husband (How to Steal 55 Kisses).