Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 to be released on January 20

One of the longest-running 3D donghua in years is coming back for another season in 2022 and that is Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 (Hua Jianghu: Buliang Ren 5) which is scheduled for release on January 20.

Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5

The series had been first confirmed to return for its 5th season during the Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference on August 8, 2021, where it was unveiled as one of the returning sequels for the 2021-2022 donghua lineup of Tencent after its recently concluded 4th season which was released last spring.

It will be joining the list of returning sequels from Tencent such as The King’s Avatar Season 3, Thousand Autumns Season 2, Snow Eagle Lord Season 3, and Stellar Transformations Season 4 to name a few.

Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 Trailer

Furthermore, it will be one of the 3 big titles from Tencent that will be released in January, other titles are Knights on Debris Season 2 scheduled on January 1, and Stellar Transformations Season 4 coming on January 23 which is a huge surprise for the fans since its previous season has just ended around 2 months ago. That was quite fast, isn’t it?

Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 is slated for 12 episodes and will be animated by Studio Rocen with Tencent Penguin Pictures as the producer. The action and romance-drama donghua will continue where the 4th season has ended and promises to deliver some more exciting plot twists to the viewers.

Two martial artists are brutally killed by a team of assassins, leaving their wards, a young boy and girl, defenseless. A martial arts master dispatches the assassins, sparing their lives, and decides to take them in. He raises them and teaches them martial arts.

Now, fans should keep an eye on the series. Just like its earlier seasons, Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 is scheduled to be released on Tencent Video and fans can watch it here.

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