Qin Yu and his allies are coming back in 2022 for Stellar Transformations Season 4 which is scheduled to premiere on January 23 on Tencent at 10 AM time slot. This is quite a huge surprise for the fans knowing that the 3rd season had only concluded a few months ago. This sure is an early treat for everyone who will not wait that long to find out what will happen next in the story after it left us with such a huge cliffhanger.

Stellar Transformations Season 4 Poster

Stellar Transformations Season 4 Release

In the latest announcement posted on the official Weibo page of the donghua, Stellar Transformations Season 4 will be released on January 23, 2022. The announcement was accompanied by a new promotional visual featuring Qin Yu and his sworn brothers as they fought against the other immortals.


Furthermore, a new promotional video was also unveiled which revealed new characters that will be joining the fights. They might be either allies or foes but what stands out is that the new season will surely showcase further actions with high-quality animation, so much for the fans to be excited and hyped.

Before the announcement of its release date, several promotional videos were also posted on its Weibo account. The first one features Qin Yu and Jiang Li being romantic and intimate while a new and rather overwhelming character also appeared.


Stellar Transformations is currently one of the best 3D and cultivation donghua, therefore, many fans should keep an eye and watch out for its return in 2022. It will be among Tencent’s earlier treat to its avid viewers alongside other big sequels such as Knights on Debris Season 2 which will premiere on January 1, and Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5 premiering on January 20, 2022.