Qian Cong Shou Donghua Opening Theme Had Been Revealed

The opening theme song for the original Chinese action anime Qian Cong Shou had been revealed on its official Weibo account, further adding some hype to the highly anticipated donghua which is scheduled for release on January 20, 2022.

Qian Cong Shou anime

The animated opening sequence for the donghua is posted on Weibo and titled Waiting for the Wind to Raise, and marks the beginning of the exciting adventure of the main character Qian Cong and his friends. Qian Cong Shou Donghua Opening (Via: Weibo)

The song follows the usual sound that we often hear from any Chinese anime, it tells a story, there’s a bit of drama, and still has the action-packed vibes that fans can expect from it. While the animation features some scenes from the series, so expect some minor spoilers that we usually get from any teaser trailer from time to time.

Qian Cong Shou Overview

The upcoming donghua had been first unveiled in 2020 as part of the 2021 Chinese anime lineup of Bilibili but was delayed and later confirmed for the 2022 release. Now, the long wait is over as the series finally set the date on January 20 for its release. It is animated by Painted Edge studio and produced by Bilibili and BeDream.


Qiancong, a young man from Hua country, is a dumb gun with a seal but unable to use speaking skills. But even so, he dreams of becoming the strongest speech teacher. For this reason, he enters the school city to study and starts his immortal life.

Source: Bilibili, auto-translated


The series will be streamed officially on its official page at Bilibili every Thursday at 11:00 AM time slot, and its affiliated platform such as the YouTube Channel, Anime Made by Bilibili. If you like The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Spare Me Great Lord!, and any other donghua set in school or martial academy, then Qian Cong Shou is a story that you should follow.