The Best Chinese Drama Anime of 2021 (Donghua Year-End Review)

The year is already over and we can only look back at 2021 in a retrospective narrative and with the growth of Chinese animation, we’re quite glad that there are plenty of series that we can check and watch now more than ever.

We had previously published our top Chinese BL anime of 2021, now, it’s about time to dive into another year-end review, and this time, we shall discuss the best Chinese drama anime of the year, these are the donghua that made us cry and hit our emotional senses in many ways.

Chinese drama anime Link Click

Best Chinese Drama Anime of 2021

Link Click

Leading our list the best drama donghua of 2021 is Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren). More than the supernatural and comedic relief, Link Click reflects a very Asian drama, a story that resonates with many cultures in East and Southeast Asia.

The time travel antics of Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi to solve cases and help their clients indeed up in a messy conspiracy. This donghua simply shows that no one should play with time itself. As the series of paradoxes took place, the story had the fans getting absorbed into an emotional journey that stands in the middle of life and death.

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: The Final Season

The finale of Mo Dao Zu Shi or the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation had sent mixed signals to fans which includes romantic Bl vibes, some good actions, and heavy drama along with many revelations.

In the end, the series has concluded as one of the best Chinese anime of 2021 and brought so much feels and nostalgia to many viewers. The drama and conspiracy sit on the same page, and it made fans go crazy over the insane plot. Every character has a story to tell and, amazingly, we were able to get a glimpse of the other characters outside of the dynamic duo of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

Memory of Chang’an Season 2

When love and drama collide, The Memory of Chang’an returns for a heartfelt 2nd season. Mingyue’s relationship with her husband had been strained for quite some time, despite all the recent developments between the two, it has been threatened by the arrival of her childhood friend, and the brewing political conspiracy within the empire.

Throughout its stint though, we’ve realized that their feelings for each other are real, it’s valid and it’s just growing, thus making us all fall in love and craving to see what will happen next. No news yet about a possible Memory of Chang’an Season 3, but fans can always check the manhua to learn more.

Fairies Album Season 2

If there’s any donghua that excels in making its fans cry, then Fairies Album is definitely at top of the list. Also known as The Manual of Hundred Demons, the story follows the divine doctor Tao Yao and her companions as she travels and meets different types of people and supernatural beings as well. We get to learn their story through their interaction with her, and every episode simply promises to bring forth tragic stories revolving around humans and spirits.

The Island of Siliang

The drama in this anime is as complicated as the conspiracy brewing on the mysterious island of Siliang. This donghua revolves around descendants of Ancient gods trapped on an island as a punishment for their ancestors. It is their deepest wish to leave the island and ascend to heaven once again, and this is where the battle for power and opportunity to get that ticket comes in between powerful families and deities. In the center of them all is a young man who wishes to learn the truth behind his parent’s death; and the lone human girl on the island, often disregarded by the gods. There’s an interesting world in this anime and every development simply leads us all to more drama and mysteries.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 4 & Specials

Aside from great fight scenes and action-packed episodes, Battle Through The Heavens has proven to be amazing and truly upgraded its game in 2021. All the drama and the long journey had reached the first climax of the story in the 3-Year Agreement special, and many fans had been truly captivated by all the drama comes rushing as every card at Xiao Yan’s hands gets revealed.

The Dining of Link Lee

This is one of the better donghua we have had in recent years and it reminds me of many of my favorite slice of life and drama anime where the MC gets to help the people that he met. It has that typical Chinese narrative that we’re quite familiar with and often see somewhere else but was executed very well, making it better for some of its contemporaries.

The Dining of Link Lee just like Fairies Albums focuses on the character that the MC met, their story, and how the MC help them indirectly in one way or another. We can only think to ourselves that a restaurant has heard many stories and witnessed many events, in this donghua, such is the case and it is more than just a place to enjoy sumptuous dishes.

The White Moon

This short donghua is such a masterpiece, being able to deliver its message through gorgeous animation that talks directly to the viewer’s emotions. A heartwrenching story of family drama and showcasing the beauty of Chinese animation.

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Season 3

This romance donghua has grown to be more than just an isekai story. The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Season 3 is getting invested in the budding relationship of our two MC which leads to a rather hilarious yet romantic confession upon its finale.

So, these are only a few of the best Chinese drama anime from 2021 that fans should give a try to watch.

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