Meet the Voice Actors Behind Legend of Exorcism Characters

It’s been several months since Tian Bao Fuyao Lu or also known as Legend of Exorcism or Legend of Tang has concluded its 2nd season. Now fans are anxiously waiting for the release of Legend of Exorcism Season 3 which was previously revealed by Bilibili as part of their 2022 donghua lineup.

Legend of Exorcism Characters

The donghua is known for having astounding fight scenes as it revolves around the journey of the half-demon Kong Hongjun as he joined the Department of Exorcism in fighting demons who are threatening the peace and order of Ancient China during the Tian Bao era of the Tang Dynasty.

It is great to take note that the donghua had been well-received by the fans because of the intimate and fun interaction of the characters making them the real asset of the series aside from the already exciting premise of the story.

Now, let’s take a look at these Legend of Exorcism characters and the voice actors behind them. Some of them might sound familiar to you since they definitely voiced several popular donghua characters from different series and that is what we will discuss here today. Let’s meet the various voice actors that brought our favorite characters from Legend of Exorcism to life as follows:

Jinwen Chen as Hongjun Kong

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Jinwen Chen
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Hongjun Kong

The adorable young half-demon whose journey we follow in Legend of Exorcism is voiced by Jinwen Chen. This handsome voice actor also brings life to some of our favorite donghua characters such as Yangyao (the main character from Yangyao: Spirit Catcher), Aluojin (one of the villains from another BL donghua, Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire), Mingyu Guo (from The King’s Avatar: For the Glory film), Mingxuan Luo (from Great Journey of Teenagers), and Shandian Qiu (from AURORA).

Jiang Bian as Jinglong Li

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Jiang Bian
Jinglong Li

Playing the character of captain Li Jinglong, the leader of the exorcism squad is a rather familiar name and voice to many fans of donghua and that is Jiang Bian. He is known for giving voice to one of the most popular donghua characters, Lan Wangji from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. He also voiced Ye Xiu’s best friend Su Muqiu on The King’s Avatar prequel film and our favorite big brother Shifen from Take My Brother Away. Other donghua characters that he voiced are Ming Song from Carp Reborn and Yao Jing from An Jie Shen Shi.

Fei Ling as Rigen Mo

Fei Ling
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Mo Rigen

Now, lending his voice to our favorite wolf, the ever sexy Mo Rigen is Fei Ling who is known for playing the main character from Carp Reborn, Sheng Wang. He also voiced Xiu Pei from Heaven Official’s Blessing and Fansong Li from Great Journey of Teenagers.

Lifeng Lu as Yongsi Qiu

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Lifeng Lu
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Yongsi Qiu

Lifeng Lu may have only a few characters under his belt but aside from the handsome and eloquent Yongsi Qiu, he also voiced one of the most beloved leading men in Chinese animation and that is Prince Ye Youming from Psychic Princess. In 2016, he also voiced Wuren and Ma Mian from Twin Spirit Detective. Among his most recent project is playing Chi Wang from Great Journey of Teenager and Jiankong Yuan from the recently released cultivation donghua Yong Sheng (Immortality).

Sicen Liu as Atai

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Sicen Liu
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Now, playing our playboy Atai is no other than Sicen Liu who played the pretty black sheep Mingkai Xue from The King’s Avatar prequel film. He also played Fang Bi from An Jie Shen Shi, and the tragic Song Lan from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. In 2021, he joined Yong Sheng as Han Fang.

Beichen as Zilong Zhao

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Zilong Zhao

So far, Beichen only has Zilong Zhao as his sole character to play. Nonetheless, we sure did enjoy how he voiced the character that bring so much life and mood to the story.

Chao Wei as Qingxiong

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Chao Wei
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Well, we have here a veteran voice actor playing my favorite uncle and hot daddy from the series, Qingxiong. Among his latest works includes playing the characters of Xuejin Shi from Da Wang Rao Ming, Lian Tang from Great Journey of Teenagers, and Samuel from The Black and White Warriors. Other characters that he played include Ling Wang Ba from The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Wang Jiexi from The King’s Avatar, Baba from My Holy Weapon, and Fugui Wang from Fox Spirit Matchmaker.

Cong Liu as Zhongming

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Cong Liu
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Playing another hot daddy and the adopted father of our main character Kong Hongjun is Cong Liu. He also played Xianyi Li from Da Wang Rao Ming, Yuanshuai Xu from No Doubt In Us, and uncle Lan Qiren from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. In 2020, he played the disgusting character of Baiyi from Fog Hill of Five Elements and Chen Fu from The Daily Life of the Immortal King.

Jie Yang as Guo Guo Furen

The main antagonist from the first season, the fox demon is played by Jie Yang. just like Beichen, Guo Guo Furen is the only donghua character voiced by Jie Yang.

Xuecen Bai as Yuhan Yang

Xuecen Bai
Yuhan Yang

Playing as one of the emperor’s concubines Yuhan Yang is Xuecen Bai who also played tenacious female donghua characters such as Xiangen from Cooking Master Boy, Luoxia Lin from Great Journey of Teenagers, and Yi Ming from Heaven Official’s Blessing.

Mingzhou Zhao as Emperor Longji Li

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Mingzhou Zhao
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Longji Li

This voice actor that played the character of the emperor also lend his voice to several donghua characters such as Du Ge and Guan Hei from Hitori no Shita: The Outcast. He also voiced Tianshi Zhang from No Doubt In Us, Qianhu Lei from Great Journey of Teenagers, and Dahai Sun from Chang Jian Fengyun.

Shanqing Su as Xu Lu

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Shanqing Su
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Lu Xu

The interest of Mo Rigen, our cinnamon roll Lu Xu had been voiced by one of the most popular donghua actors and that is Shanqing Su. He has plenty of beloved characters under his belt such as Cheng Xiaoshi from Link Click, Jin Ling from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Xiao Tian from Non-Human, Qiao Yifan from The King’s Avatar, Bai Xiaocheng from A Will Eternal, Xiao Yang from Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, Li Nie from Tales of Demons and Gods, Jiaze Duan from Those Years I Owned a Zoo, Xi Bai from Stars Fall, Xiaoyi Tu from Crystal Sky of Yesterday, and Yuan Chu from The Emperor’s Strategy to name a few.

The other cast members for Legend of Exorcism also includes the following:

  • Qiu Qiu as Yuze Jia
  • Jinliang Sun as Changqing Feng
  • Wangzhi Zhangsi as Hanqing Du
  • Hameng Tute as Guozhong Yang
  • Wenxiao He as Yun Jin
  • Jingyuan Wen as Guinian Li
  • Zekun Shi as Xuan Kong

Alright, as the donghua is expected to return for another season, we can only expect that this list will get even bigger.

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