Top 10 Chinese Cultivation Anime You Need to Watch in 2022

It’s 2022 and Chinese animation had been growing all these years and it is amazing that every year, we’re getting introduced to new stories and further adventure into its own realm.

Chinese cultivation anime Stellar Transformations
Stellar Transformations | Photo Credit: Foch Film

One of the most popular genres in Chinese animation is xinxia or what we often call cultivation. Sometimes, these xinxia stories are mixed with other genres such as xuanhuan (Western fantasy), and wuxia (martial arts) elements which makes it a rather exciting journey despite how generic its story can be.

Top 10 Chinese Cultivation Anime

While many had been quite familiar with some of the big names in the genre, many people especially those who are new to donghua (Chinese anime) are still craving to know more about Chinese cultivation anime. In line with this, we have prepared 10 of the best and most popular Chinese cultivation donghua that you guys should not miss.

Soul Land

Leading the pack is Soul Land, people can’t discuss Chinese animation without mentioning the most-watched donghua in China these past 2 years. With billions of play volumes every year, Soul Land is among the most well-received donghua in recent years. It is also rather unique in terms of story and cultivation as it’s quite different from other titles in this list.

Chinese Cultivation Anime Soul Land
Soul Land | Photo Credit: Sparkly Key Animation

If you love a systematic level of cultivation and how to walk through it, Soul Land is a must-watch for you. Along with its great fight scenes, gorgeous character designs, and compelling story, it’s definitely an introductory title to new fans of Chinese animation.

Battle Through The Heavens

One of the earliest Chinese cultivation anime, it aired even earlier than Soul Land way back in 2017. Through the years, it’s been improving rapidly story and animation-wise. In 2021, its special episodes – Three-Year Agreement had become one of the top-rated donghua, it highlights the first climax of the story from the novel where it was adapted. Right now, Battle Through The Heavens has a total of 4 seasons and multiple special episodes, making it a fantastic ride for those who wish to start watching it from the start.

The series highlights some of the best fight scenes from a Chinese animation and is one of the best harems I think where our main character has plenty of strong and menacingly powerful women rallying behind him.

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Perfect World

One of the newly released Chinese cultivation donghua, Perfect World or also known as Wanmei Shijie only started airing in April of 2021. However, it was airing continuously for almost a year now. It follows the journey of Shi Hao as he ventures to strengthen himself through cultivation in order to exact his vengeance towards the people who wronged him and his family. This is one of the best donghua similar to Soul Land in many aspects.

A Will Eternal

Hilarious, dramatic, and action-packed. A Will Eternal is one of the best Chinese cultivation anime in 2D format. Animated by B.CMAY Pictures, this donghua has proven over and over that it excels in making every episode a worthwhile experience filled with so much humor and good antics about cultivation. Furthermore, our main character is bubbly and adorable, he’s not our typical revenge-motivated MC from other series, but he sure does his own story and adventure to tell.

Martial Universe

From the same author as Battle Through The Heavens, Martial Universe is another journey from nothing into godhood. Motivated by his desire to bring back the honor of his family and exact vengeance of the people that tarnished their reputation, Lin Dong set on an adventure to become the strongest cultivator through the help of an unexpected ally and sheer luck. With great fight scenes and gorgeous visuals, Martial Universe is among our top recommended xinxia donghua.

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Stellar Transformations

From the same studio as Perfect World, Stellar Transformations features one of the best Chinese anime MC, Qin Yu who is absolutely handsome and loyal to his girl, will bring his journey towards his ascension to a higher being through cultivation and his quest to prove his worth in this vast seas of stars.

Full-Time Magister

full time magister season 4 epis 5

Here’s another 2D anime on the list. It’s one of the introductory titles to many donghua viewers since its first premiered in 2016. The series has gone through multiple improvements through its 5 seasons stint and still counting since it is slated to another season from Tencent. Just like Tang San from Soul Land, Mo Fan from Full-Time Magister is gifted with dual power, a rather abnormal phenomenon in their world yet he’ll use this to become even stronger and ensure the safety of the people he treasures the most.

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Spirit Sword Sovereign

A quest for vengeance. Spirit Sword Sovereign is one of the longest-running donghua in recent years along with Soul Land. It’s also among the most-viewed series in China.

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Known for its realistic character designs and absolutely stunning fight scenes, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality is a must-watch for anyone new to donghua and looking for a great cultivation story to follow. This time, we have a rather ordinary guy who uses his wit to get stronger and forced his way to the top for the sake of survival.

Swallowed Star

Another Chinese cultivation anime from the studio behind Soul Land and the author behind Stellar Transformations. Swallowed Star is a fusion of modern and the past. It has both the sci-fi elements along with Chinese cultivation is rather advanced nature. A story of love, adventure, and family drama, Swallowed Star promises a hell of a ride for everyone who dares to check it.

Other Recommendations

There is plenty of good Chinese cultivation anime out there but outside of the top 10 that we had mentioned above, here are some more titles that you guys might want to give a try:

  • I Upset a Million Cultivators
  • Against the Sky Supreme
  • Martial Master
  • Star Martial God Technique
  • Peerless Martial Spirit
  • I Am a Great God
  • The Great Ruler
  • Supreme Galaxy
  • Supreme God Emperor
  • Lord of the Universe
  • Tales of Demons and Gods
  • Planting Manual
  • The Daily Life of the Immortal King
  • Spare Me, Great Lord!
  • Wonderland
  • Everlasting Immortal Firmament
  • JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin
  • Great Doctor Miss Nine
  • The Soul of the Soldier Master
  • Legend of Sho
  • Immortality
  • Dragon’s Disciples
  • Carp Reborn

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