A Will Eternal Season 2 PV Features Adult Bai Xiaochun

Our favorite martial brother Bai Xiaochun is coming back so soon in A Will Eternal Season 2 and we had been treated to the first look at his new appearance in the new season of the donghua which is scheduled to premiere in August of 2022.

A Will Eternal Season 2 Bai Xiaochun

The new promotional video for A Will Eternal Season 2 features the main character of the series Bai Xiaochun with a new look, a far more mature appearance than what he looks like from the first season. But still, it seems that it is only his appearance that changed, he is still the same and hilarious Bai Xiaochun that we all love from the very beginning.

A Will Eternal Season 2 PV – Bai Xaiochun

Upon the finale of the first season of the donghua last year, it was already announced that A Will Eternal Season 2 (Yi Nian Yongheng: Chuancheng Pian) is coming this year and hinted about its release around the summer of 2022. It was later confirmed during the Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference last August 8, 2021, that the sequel is already in production. B.CMAY Pictures, the studio behind the highly praised Mo Dao Zu Shi is coming back as the animation studio for A Will Eternal Season 2.

It was also revealed that the 2nd season of the donghua will have 52 episodes, just like its 1st season. This only means that A Will Eternal Season 2 will air continuously for a year stint through 4 seasons.

A Will Eternal (2020)
A Will Eternal (2020)

A Will Eternal or Yi Nian Yongheng was one of the best Chinese 2D anime in the cultivation (xinxia) genre of donghua. It was adapted from the popular Chinese web novel of the same title by author Er Gen, who is known for I Shall Seal the Heavens novel.


One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields. One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals. Only my will… is eternal. A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.

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