Yingxiong Zai Lin / Hero Return Season 2 Release & Updates

Many are asking, is Hero Return coming back for another season? This had been going on in the mind of many donghua fans, especially those who had been following the story of Hero Return even before it got adapted into a donghua (Chinese anime) in 2020.

Hero Return Season 2 anime

Is Hero Return Season 2 had been announced?

Alright, let’s go directly to the point and our main concern here, Hero Return Season 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet but with how the first season ended, it feels like it is appropriate to get another season as it has been a fantastic ride despite having some inconsistencies. The web novel where it was based off has plenty of chapters left to be adapted and although the first season of Hero Return donghua ended with such a good climax, it only left fans craving for more.

Meanwhile, everything is still possible and there’s a chance that Hero Return Season 2 will be confirmed sometime in the future. It is something that we should all look forward too since the Chinese animation industry just keeps on growing and evolving through the years.

Hero Return
Hero Return

Hero Return or also known as Yingxiong Zailin is adapted from a Chinese web novel called Yingxiong? Wo Zao Jiu Budangle (Hero? I Quit A Long Time Ago) by author Wuliao Kankan Tian, and was also adapted into a manhua of the same title in 2017. The donghua was released on October 18, 2020, and was animated by Big Firebird Animation (known for the Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, and Spare Me, Great Lord!), and Green Monster Team.


A world where justice and evil collide. A dimension intertwined with magic and science. The retirement life of the strongest hero.

Source: QQ, translated

Among the voice cast that appeared in the donghua are familiar names that we have heard from other series too. They may also reprise their respective roles if in case a sequel will be officially announced:

  • Dabai as Lin Jie
  • Sibai as Lin Mumu
  • Liu Fei as Shisan
  • Chongchong as Dong Xueren
  • Zimao as Lin Yu
  • Xu Xiang as Xiao Zhen
  • An Zhi as Yan Qing

Fans who wish to watch the donghua can check its official page on Tencent Video and may also follow its official page on Weibo to get direct updates about its manhua and possibly the upcoming sequel in Hero Return Season 2.