Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 (Da Wang Rao Ming) Anime Updates

Lu Shu had made us all go over crazy with all the hilarious and stunning adventures he had as dive deeper to strengthen his cultivation through a peculiar method. Now that Spare Me, Great Lord! or also known as Da Wang Rao Ming had been officially over last February 11, many fans are asking, is the donghua getting a second season?

spare me great lord season 2 updates

Fortunately, despite having no official announcement yet, the Tencent Animation page on Weibo has mentioned that Spare Me Great Lord Season 2 is coming to continue where the story left us all. With all the insane animation especially on the opening sequence and selected fight scenes, we can all say that Spare Me Great Lord had become one of the most hyped Chinese anime despite the inconsistencies in the quality.

Now, we just have to wait for the official announcement from its official committee but know for sure that Lu Shu and the entire gang are coming back for Spare Me Great Lord Season 2. Nonetheless, this is also an opportunity for many donghua viewers to take some time and start reading its source material, the Chinese web novel Dawang Raoming (Spare Me, Great Lord!) which was written by Hui Shuohua De Zhouzi (The Speaking Pork Trotter). Furthermore, the author also mentioned on his official Weibo page the following statement: The first season is over, see you next season; hinting that Spare Me Great Lord is getting a second season.

For fans of Spare Me Great Lord who wish to read it, you may check its official page on Webnovel and also the official pages on the donghua on Weibo and Tencent Video in the following links:

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