Martial Universe Season 3 Unveiled Character PV of Mu Qianqian

After the release of the latest promotional video for Martial Universe Season 3, it seems that we are now getting closer to its highly anticipated release despite not having any official announcement yet about it. After all, Martial Universe Season 3 has also revealed another teaser PV, and this time, it is a glimpse at the character design and a short bio about the new character in the donghua called Mu Qianqian.

Mu Qianqian is one of the secondary characters that will play important roles in the upcoming Martial Universe Season 3 as she’s deeply connected to Lin Langtian, the mortal enemy of our main character Lin Dong. Mu Qianqian is also a member of the Great Devil Sect with her current cultivation at the time of appearing is at Initial Qi Creation Stage.

Mu Qianqian martial universe

It seems that on Weibo, many fans of the donghua are praising the model for Mu Qianqian character designs because of the attention to detail which is rarely given to a supporting character in many of 3D donghua out there.

Now, we can only anticipate getting more teasers and details about Martial Universe Season 3 in the next few weeks as its production committee is giving us a handful of teasers to be excited for.

Martial Universe Season 3 is one of Tencent’s upcoming lineup of Chinese animation for 2022 and 2023 as revealed during their 2021 Annual Conference where the Chinese giant production company has unveiled their wide arrays of soon-to-be release projects.

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