Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 2 (Xing He Zhi Zun) Season 2 Release & Updates

One of Youku’s most popular donghua of 2021 is coming back this year to continue its exciting story with cultivation elements. Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 2 or also known as Xing He Zhi Zun had been scheduled for release on April 13, 2022.

The Chinese cultivation anime that first aired on June 10 until October 30, 2021, is back and we are all excited about how the story continues.

Also known as Supreme Galaxy, the donghua is adapted from a novel of the same title by author Wo Ben Chunjie who wrote another novel which was also adapted into a donghua and had become one of the most-watched series in China in recent years which is Tian Huang.


Supreme Lord of Galaxy follows the same antics as many cultivation donghua out there but it also has its own style and vibes unique only to it.


The star sect, the first sect that used to be the most dazzling in the Blue Earth Star, accidentally got the “Star Map”, the treasure of all realms, which attracted the peep of the Lord of all realms. In order to get the star map, the master induced the high-level leaders in the star sect to go to the holy star field and imprisoned them in the “holy star field”. There is only one guardian elder, Zhuge Haohan, the young sect master Chu Xinghe, and several young disciples left in the Star Sect. They were suppressed by other sects due to their lack of strength and were taken away by the Eagle Gang. In order to regain his former glory, Xinghe searched for his imprisoned father and the senior leaders of the Star Sect, led several disciples under his sect to break through the twelve-star realms, and defeated the twelve-star soul powerhouses under the Lord of Ten Thousand Realms. Rescue his father and everyone from the Star Sect from the Lord of the Worlds.

Source: Youku Animation

Animation Studio & Release Date

The donghua is slated to return on April 13, 2022, and Ruo Hong Culture returns at its production studio. Ruo Hong Culture is known for its works in many 3D donghua like Zhenwu Dianfeng, Wonderland, Supreme God Emperor, Lord of Universe, and Star Martial God Technique to name a few.

Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 2 Trailer

For fans of Chinese animation such as Martial Master, A Will Eternal, Spirit Sword Sovereign, and many more that fall in the xinxia category, Supreme Lord of Galaxy is a must-watch that you shouldn’t forget to watch. If you haven’t started watching the first season yet, it is available online on Youku and on its official YouTube Channel: Youku Animation.

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