Throne of Seal Donghua Unveiled Character Poster for Sheng Caier

Throne of Seal donghua has unveiled a new character poster that features the main heroine of the series – Sheng Caier. Definitely, a needed revelation after the official character poster for its main character Long Hao Chen has been released a few days ago.

Throne of Seal Anime Sheng Caier
Sheng Caier | Photo Credit: Shenman Entertainment

Sheng Caier is the main heroine of the Sealed Divine Throne novel, the future wife of Long Hao Chen. In the novel, she is the Saintess of the Assassin Temple and will play a vital role in the development of Long Hao Chen into a man he became, later on, a righteous knight who fights for the sake of humanity.

The character poster for Sheng Caier in the donghua simply resembles what she looks like in the novel with her purple hair and ash grey eyes which also looks quite similar to her character design in the manhua adaptation of the novel.

With all of these releases of posters and promotional videos, we can only assume that the new Chinese fantasy-action anime will be released so soon. Well, according to the new updates of the production committee, Throne of Seal is scheduled for release on April 28, 2022 on Tencent Video.

Throne of Seal is the donghua (Chinese anime) adaptation of the popular novel Sealed Divine Throne. It was written by Tang Jia San Shao, the brilliant mind behind some of the most successful Chinese web novels which some of them had been adapted into donghua too such as The Magic Chef of Fire and Ice, and Soul Land (Douluo Dalu) which was the most-streamed donghua in China these past 2 years.

Throne of Seal Donghua Poster

It is animated by Shenman Culture Entertainment and produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, Xuanshi Tangmen, and China South Angel.

The upcoming action and fantasy donghua will follow the journey of Long Hao Chen as his allies as they fight demons who had been rising and put humanity on the brink of extinction. Thus, they must find a way to get stronger and defeat them. In the process is a spectacular story of drama and romance.

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