A Will Eternal Season 2 Release Date Scheduled on July 20

The long-awaited return of brother Bai Xiaochun and all his funny antics and exciting adventure had been finally set in stone as A Will Eternal Season 2 release date is scheduled on July 20, 2022. Although, it was originally slated for August 17, however, later announcement has unveiled that it will be release almost a month early which makes this a great news for the fans.

A Will Eternal Season 2

Prior to the revelation of the release date, the Weibo page of A Will Eternal had been posting promotional videos featuring the characters from the series and their new character designs. Among the highlighted characters are Bai Xiaochun, Du Lingfei, siblings Hou Xiaomei and Hou Yunfei, Zhou Xinqi, and Gongsun Wan Er.

The announcement that the donghua is getting a 2nd season had been immediately unveiled upon the finale of its 1st season on July 21, 2021 and many fans had been anxiously waiting for it since the production committee has only mentioned that the popular Chinese cultivation anime is set to return in summer of 2022.

It was then confirmed during the Tencent Video Animation 2021 Annual Conference that A Will Eternal Season 2 had been listed as one of its official Chinese anime lineup in 2022, joining the ranks of returning sequels such as Stellar Transformations Season 4, Battle Through The Heavens’ continuation, Painting Rivers and Lakes Season 5, and many more.

B.CMAY Pictures, the studio behind Mo Dao Zu Shi and The King’s Avatar Season 1 is returning to handle the production of the series while Tencent Penguin Pictures still serving as the producer.

A Will Eternal or titled in Chinese Yi Nian Yongheng is a donghua that first aired on August 12, 2020 as part of Tencent’s lineup that year. It was adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same name by author Er Gen. The story follows the adventure of Bai Xiaochun as he embarks on a journey to the top of the cultivation world in a quest that only began with his fear of dying. But in the process, he had met many friends and foes alike, which made him become the great figure that he’ll become in the future.

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