iQIYI’s Spring 2022 Donghua Lineup Unveiled

Chinese streaming company and contents producer iQIYI has unveiled their list of upcoming Chinese anime (donghua) that are due for release this spring. The announcement is more of a reaffirmation of their previously revealed 2022 donghua lineup from last year.

iqiyi spring 2022 donghua

iQIYI’s Spring 2022 Donghua Guide

Some of these upcoming donghua from iQIYI may sound familiar to you while some of them are newly adapted titles, therefore, let’s take a look at them one by one as follows:

Are You OK Season 2 (YOU YAO)

One of the most hilarious Chinese comedy donghua is coming back for its 2nd season this 2022. Are You OK Season 2 had been among the most anticipated series by many fans as it promises to deliver more drama amidst all the funny and isekai antics it brought with it from its last season?

Demon King (Cang Lan Jue)

Also known as The Parting of the Orchid and Cang, this new romance and comedy donghua will bring something new to the table, especially to fans who are craving some break from the popular cultivation antics in Chinese animation. This is the latest project from Studio GARDEN, the production team behind the later seasons of Fox Spirit Matchmaker, and the upcoming BL donghua Liu Yao.

Start to Be a Star Today Season 2 (Jintian Kaishi Zuo Mingxing 2)

One of the best comedy and musical donghua from iQIYI is coming back for its 2nd season and we are all excited about what is in store for us this year. It is one of the upcoming projects too from ASK Animation Studio, the other one being the highly anticipated The Last Summoner (Zuihou De Zhaohuan Shi).

Hero Shi Feels Lonely (Shi Shaoxia Gunjue Hao Gudan)

Adapted from a manhua of the same title by Cen Jia cheng, this is another comedy donghua that viewers will definitely enjoy because of its funny antics. Handling its production is Big Firebird Animation and HuaMei Animation. The former is known for animating the donghua adaptation of Hero Return and Spare Me, Great Lord!

The Land of Miracles (Shen Lan Qi Yu Wushuang Zhu)

We got a new action and fantasy donghua from iQIYI this year and that is The Land of Miracles.

These are only 5 of the recently confirmed donghua by iQIYI for their spring releases this year. Are there any particular titles from this list that you are excited to watch? All of these had been previously revealed by iQIYI as part of their 2022-2023 lineup.

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