Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians Anime Character PV Features Ayuya

One of the hottest and fiercest female characters from Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians had been featured in the latest character PV for the donghua (Chinese anime) adaptation of the manhua.

Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians PV Ayuya

Here is the promotional video for the character of Ayuya, this is the second PV from the production committee of Biao Ren: Blades of the Immortal, the first one features the warrior Dao Ma.

Ayuya is one of the 4 characters that we should look forward to in the historical period-drama and action-packed donghua Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians which highlights an exciting and dramatic adventure set in Ancient China through the eyes of a samurai and his companions as they have been caught in political struggles and the imminent danger that lurks in the darkness as demons and monsters emerge into the surface of the broad daylight.

Biao Ren: Blades of the Guardians Donghua Announcement

The upcoming donghua had been listed as part of Tencent Video Animation 2022 lineup but it was first announced in 2020. Blades of the Guardians release date is scheduled this year but no specific date has been revealed yet. However, its official Weibo page had been actively posting some updates such as promotional videos and images which means that it will only be a matter of time until we get an update about its release.

Blades of the Guardians Biao Ren

The King’s Avatar animation studio, Colored-Pencil Animation is handling the production of the series. It is one of their biggest project this 2022 along with Warm Sun (Nuan Yang), the donghua adaptation of the BL novel SAYE, and The King’s Avatar Season 3 (Quan Zhi Gao Shou).

Biao Ren is adapted from a manhua which was created by Xianzhe Xu and published on September 12, 2016 on Kuaikan Manhua and Tencent Comics in the raw version.


“Darts” refer to hired warriors, and the targets of their protection also refer to the targets of the government’s bounty. On the eve of the civil unrest at the end of the Sui Dynasty, there was a bloody storm on the rivers and lakes, and the grievances and hatreds of all walks of life gradually unfolded.

Source: Tencent Comics

Now, there are still several character PV that we have looked forward to after this one about Ayuya. For sure, it’ll be exciting to get the new character PV for the series such as those of Lang Zhi Shi and Diting.

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