How to Watch Chinese Anime (Donghua) in 2022?

It is already 2022 and many donghua fans are still having some trouble with watching their favorite donghua (Chinese anime) until these days because let’s admit it, official streaming outlets for many Chinese animations are still limited for viewers outside of China and if there’s any, some of them are paid subscription with only selected available titles on their archive.

How to Watch Chinese Anime (Donghua) in 2022?

However, if we will look forward to several years ago, many donghua fans right now have more options ranging from both official outlets and their affiliated distributing partners, and to some fan-made translations that had been uploaded on YouTube or on various anime websites.

In line with this, let’s discuss a common topic and question that many of us, as donghua viewers, often asked: Where or how can we watch Chinese anime? What are the websites to go to if we want to watch donghua, or what are some websites to check if we want to get news or updates about upcoming donghua lineups, or recommendations if we wish to watch similar titles to a certain donghua that we particularly liked.

Apps & Websites to Watch Chinese Anime (Donghua)

This is probably is the topic that we want all to be answered. Therefore, we have prepared here a list of websites and apps where fans of Chinese animation can watch their favorite donghua. This list is a combination of official outlets and fansubs from various groups as follows:

Raw Chinese

For people who can understand Chinese, I think the easiest way is to directly go to the official websites of each of our favorite donghua. Right now, there are 4 major Chinese anime streaming providers and production companies that dominate the industry, and below are their official outlets where fans can watch Chinese anime:

Tencent Video QQ

The Chinese animation industry is dominated by works from Tencent Penguin Pictures, Tencent Animation & Comics, and their affiliated companies. Some of the most popular donghua that can be found on Tencent QQ is Soul Land, Battle Through The Heavens, Spirit Sword Sovereign, Stellar Transformations, The Founder of Diabolism, and The King’s Avatar to name a few.


This is probably the smallest and the newest of all the major streaming providers of donghua in China but it sure grew so fast in recent years. Bilibili while is smaller compared to Tencent, works are mainly marketed for viewers outside of China. They made a major arrangement with several companies globally such as Netflix and Funimation in the licensing and distribution of some of their popular works such as Heaven Official’s Blessing and Link Click.


For fans of The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, You Yao, and some more romance donghua, iQIYI had a few selected titles that you might want to check.


Here is another one of the biggest streaming providers in China. YOUKU mostly produced some long-running 3D donghua and fans can directly watch it on their archive.

English Subtitles

Meanwhile, we have here several apps and websites that provide served as official streaming and licensing partners of production companies that we had mentioned above such as the following:


The WeTV App is the official international app for shows and donghua created by Tencent Penguin Pictures and their partners. Among the donghua that fans can watch here are The King’s Avatar, The Founder of Diabolism, and Soul Land with English subs available.

Chinese anime wetv app

This is the international app from iQIYI where their shows and donghua are being streamed officially in English subtitles while Japanese anime are also available just like in WeTV.

Anime Made by Bilibili

This is the official YouTube Channel of Bilibili where they upload selected donghua with English subtitles here. Some shows can be watched for free while others are shown only for their paid subscribers. Popular Bilibili donghua in this channel is Fairies Albums, Carp Reborn, No Doubt In Us, and Legend of Exorcism.

anime made by bilibili
Anime Made by Bilibili

YOUKU Animation

This is the official YouTube Channel for YOUKU. While it functions the same way as Bilibili’s account and has paid subscription, the majority of their ongoing donghua are being uploaded in this channel such as The True Peak of Martials.

Other Streaming Platforms where viewers can watch donghua in English subtitles are Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Although it is only limited most of the donghua in their archives are well-received as such as Scissor Seven, The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Legend of Exorcism, and Big Fish and Begonia on Netflix, while Funimation had Heaven Official’s Blessing, Link Click, The Defective, and Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire on their list.


Here are some alternatives if you wish to watch Chinese anime but not on their official outlets and channels. Most of these websites are run independently while some are from various fansub groups.

Mundo Donghua

mundo donghua

My Anime Live (formerly known as izfanmade)


gogoanime donghua

Narul Donghua

Kurina Official


Guodong Subs

Crimson Subs

Additional places to watch donghua online

Here are new additions to this list where donghua fans can watch their favorite Chinese anime online:

Websites and Threads to Get Chinese Anime News & Updates

Meanwhile, if you wish to get various news and updates about Chinese animation. Here are some of our top recommended websites that you must check.

Yu Alexius

Yu Alexius is an anime blog that specialized in publishing Chinese anime news and updates as well as a recommendation list for donghua and anime viewers alike.


This is a donghua sub in Reddit that is being run by fans where people can post or share updates about Chinese anime. They can also ask for recommendations. This is a place for donghua fans to interact with one another and shares their feedback about Chinese animation.

Mundo Donghua Facebook Page

For Spanish-speaking viewers, Mundo Donghua is definitely the biggest donghua community that they need to check. If you’re a non-Spanish speaker, it is also alright as you may use your browser’s translate the page function to understand their content as they commonly share updates about upcoming Chinese anime.

Official Chinese Anime Weibo Pages

If you wish to directly get updates from your favorite donghua, Yu Alexius had also published a post listing the Weibo pages of some of the most popular Chinese anime out there. Check it out here: List of Donghua Weibo Pages.

Donghua Directories

While the majority of anime directory websites are still focused on Japanese animation, they are also listing some donghua on their directory list. Among the websites where fans can randomly get news and updates from the administrators and regular users are MyAnimeList, Anilist, and Nautiljon. You may also check Donghua List for more titles to check.

donghua list

With the growing numbers of Chinese anime in production, we can only expect that as time goes by, watching Chinese anime will be more accessible to many donghua fans outside of China in the years to come.

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