Chinese Anime Face on Lie (Huang Yan) Release Date Slated on April 28

An upcoming donghua about the sensitive topic of plastic surgery which is still not widely accepted in Chinese society is one of Bilibili’s most anticipated series this spring. Face on Lie or also known as Huang Yan is scheduled for release on April 28, 2022.

Face on Lie donghua poster

Adapted from a Korean manhwa called Kkeopdegi by Tam-Mi Kim, Face on Lie is one of Bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2022 that has been previously revealed during their 2021 annual conference.


Yuxi who was discriminated against based on her looks goes to a plastic surgery clinic for a consultation, giving in to the tempting proposal when the handsome director steps in and tells her, “I’ll make you beautiful.” Thinking that this was the shortcut to happiness, Yuxi accepts… but will she truly be able to obtain happiness by becoming beautiful?

Face on Lie is animated by Painted Edge, the studio behind one of 2022’s best donghua, Qian Cong Shou. It is directed by one of Haoliners Animation League’s key person, Dong Yi who is known for his works on selected donghua such as God of Deception and The Manual of Hundred Demons.

Bilibili is producing the donghua with the original story credited to Tam-Mi Kim and Li Tiancheng providing the script for the series and Zhong Pu serving as the art director.

Among the previously revealed voice actors for Face on Lie donghua are the following:

  • Pixiu Gang as Yuxi Han
  • Fuzheng Zhang as Huantao Ling
  • Nuo Cai as Enzhi Zhao
  • Zhenyan Liu as Mingzai Ji

Pixiu Gang previously voiced Qi Tong from My Parents are Otakus in 2021, while Fuzheng Zhang has voiced Mo Fan from The King’s Avatar and Song Yi from Spicy Girl. Nuo Cai is also lending her voice in the character of Mo Shijie in Immortality, and Zhenyan Liu reunites with Pixiu Gang as he also voiced Wei Yang from My Parents are Otakus.

Its production team has also unveiled a short teaser last year and a whole new trailer which revealed its release date on April 28.

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