Left Hand Layup! Basketball Donghua Unveiled New Teaser Trailer

The highly anticipated sports donghua of 2022 has just unveiled a new trailer which made us all excited for its imminent release this year. Left Hand Layup, an upcoming Chinese sports anime sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association has teased us all once again with a new promotional video that highlights the youthful adventure of the characters that we will be following in the new donghua.

Left Hand Layup new trailer anime

The new PV has highlighted the campus and daily lives of the main characters of the series as well as the burning passion that they had for basketball, a sport that ignites the flame of their youthful hearts from within. It is a highly anticipated donghua in China this year and even just a few seconds after the release of its new PV, it became one of the trending topics on various social networks in China such as Weibo, Sina, and Tiktok.

Left Hand Layup or also titled Zuo Shou Shang Lan in Chinese had been first announced in the latter part of 2020 and had been already set for release this 2022 although no specific date has been unveiled yet.

Left Hand Layup anime

The story revolves around Xu Xing Ze, a high school teen who wishes to become a basketball player, thus starting his journey with a rather nostalgic vibe that we often get from any teenage sports drama and one that is often filled with so much passion and aspiration.


The play stars Xu Xing Ze, a passionate basketball player, who tells a youthful story about love and the growth of Chinese teens.

Left Hand Layup characters 650x343 1

Left Hand Layup is expected to be a badass and youthful ride and a donghua that we should keep an eye on this 2022. It is also originally listed as one of the 6 donghua that has been driven towards audiences that enjoys youthful drama and adventure by Tencent alongside Warm Sun, Defective Lovers, and AWM: PUBG to name a few.

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