Battle Through The Heavens New Character PV Features Gu Xuner New Design

The Battle Through The Heaven’s fever is once again here as the donghua’s return is drawing closer to what many fans had been speculated to be after the stint of Martial Universe Season 3 on Tencent Video. The hype was further intensified when Battle Through the Heavens‘ official Weibo pages started posting updates and promotional videos which started with Yao Lao’s character PV on June 19.

Gu Xuner Battle Through The Heavens

Now, a few days later, the character PV for Gu Xuner had been unveiled which features the latest character designs for the childhood sweetheart of Xiao Yan who turns out to be a powerful heiress of one of the Ancient Clans (spoiler alert). She’s one of Xiao Yan’s future wives and we are definitely looking forward to see her again after her short appearance in the first season of donghua which is also getting a reboot with additional scenes in the upcoming Battle Through The Heavens: Origin (Yuanqi).

Furthermore, Xuner will also play a big part in the upcoming Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 in which the story had been set in the Black-Corner Region after Xiao Yan’s fled from Jia Ma Empire. There, he will enter the Jia Nan Academy and reunites with her as he’ll make a name for himself and get his 2nd Heavenly Flame, the Fallen Heart Flame.

In the past few seasons of Battle Through The Heavens, we had seen Queen Medusa, Yun Yun, Ya Fei, and Nalan Yanran as the women who captured our attention, now, it’s about time for the original girl to get the spotlight. While I have to acknowledge that many fans are head over heels to Queen Medusa, Xuner had been my favorite from the start but all the girls that had been attached to Xiao Yan have their own special place in his heart and play important roles in the story.

Alright, what do you think of Xunér’s new character design? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and let’s all look forward to Battle Through The Heavens’ return this year.

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