Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi, Yao Lao’s Character PV

On Father’s Day, a character PV for Yao Lao whose real name is Yao Chen had been posted on the official Weibo page of Battle Through The Heavens, just in time for the occasion since Yao Lao had been quite the father figure to our main character Xiao Yan throughout his journey all this time.

Yao Lao BTTH Douzun

The character PV for Yao Lao has featured him in his prime as the famous Venerate (Dou Zun) Yao zun-zhe, an influential alchemist in the Central Plains of Dou Qi Continent, and a member albeit an outcast of the Yao clan, one of the Eight Ancient Clans.

For those who want to know who Yao Lao is and his background, you might want to check this in-depth post about him: Battle Through The Heavens: Yao Chen aka Yao Lao, Xiao Yan’s teacher.

So, what’s next after Battle Through The Heavens: Three-Year Agreement and when are we going to see Xiao Yan and Yao Lao once again? That must have been the question of many of you. Now, Battle Through The Heavens: Origin and Season 5 had been scheduled by Tencent as part of their 2022 lineup and many fans are speculating that it might be released sometime after the finale of the ongoing Martial Universe Season 3.

Well, that is going to be exciting, especially since Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 is slated to have 52 episodes and it is said to air right after the finale of the 3-episode stint of Battle Through The Heavens: Origin.

However, we can only wait for the official announcement about it since speculations and rumors will remain a gossip unless an official confirmation has been given by the production committee. Nonetheless, don’t forget to subscribe to our site Chinese Anime Online to get new updates about Chinese animation (donghua).

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