God Troubles Me Season 3 (Hanhua Riji) is Scheduled for Release on July 31

One of the best and most hilarious comedy donghua is coming back this year and that is God Troubles Me Season 3 which is scheduled for release on July 31, 2022, as part of the summer lineup of Bilibili.

God Troubles Me donghua season 3

This Chinese anime about a child of an immortal and a monster who paired with other beings and shows us their hilarious daily life had been a huge hit among fans of the slice-of-life genre. I often considered God Troubles Me as one of the trinity of adorable slice-of-life comedy genres in Chinese animation along with All Saint’s Street and Non-Human.

God Troubles Me Season 3 (Hanhua Riji 3)

Now, God Troubles Me Season 3 is slated to return and we couldn’t be more excited than this as it continues where the previous season left us all when it ended last January 24, 2021. After all, it’s been over a year since we last saw the gang consisting of Su Moting, Xing Tianji, and Xing Dikui.

God Troubles Me Season 3 donghua


In the twenty-first century, gods and demons can no longer maintain equilibrium due to the rapid development of people in society. In an effort to restore proper order, the gods began to take care of the world, for which they will send a group of gods and monsters the world to find the “key” to salvation. Su Moting is a girl with the personality of a “demon child”. When her parents asked her to leave their house so that she could become independent, the girl meets the beautiful and charming god Tianjin and the mysterious demon cat Dikui. So begins the new hectic life of Su Moting.

Release Date

The donghua is slated for release on July 31, 2022 on Bilibili. It is one of the returning sequels that aired on the same day that Chinese anime fans should watch out for, the other one is the highly-awaited Battle Through The Heavens Season 5: Nian Fan on Tencent Video.

The studio behind Rakshasa Street, L² Studio is returning as its animation studio with bilibili as its producer. God Troubles Me Season 3 is scheduled to have 12 episodes which will run until October 9, 2022.

Voice Actors

Here are the following voice actors for God Troubles Me Season 3

  • Qiao Feifei as Su Moting
  • Huang Zhenji as Xing Tianji
  • Baomu Zhongyang as Su Moting Baba
  • Tengxin as Xing Dikui
  • Chen Siyu as Fude Zhengshen
  • Chang Rongshan as Su Moting Mama

Official Trailer

Meanwhile, here’s the official trailer that the production committee has unveiled for God Troubles Me Season 3 as shown below:

God Troubles Me or also known as Men’s Diary is an original donghua from L² Studio and Bilibili which first premiered in 2019. Fans who wish to watch it can start checking out its first season on Bilibili or on its YouTube Channel, Anime Made By Bilibili.

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