Chinese Donghua Summer Punch (Baozou Xiari) Release Date is scheduled for July 28

A new action and comedy donghua is coming this summer and it looks more badass than your typical Chinese anime. It’s gonna be exciting as Summer Punch (Baozou Xiari) comes to bring all the action and humor that we want as it has been scheduled for release on July 28, 2022.

Summer Punch donghua baozia xiari

Summer Punch (Baozou Xiari)

Summer Punch, also known as Baozou Xiari or Fengkuang Xiari is the donghua adaptation of a manhua of the same name. If you’re a huge fan of anime about martial arts like Tenjho Tenge, and Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, then you might really want to check this out as it revolves around the lives of young martial arts practitioners and how the arrival of a hot and stubborn girl changed their day to day life.


It is a legend that she will be victorious and undefeated when she appears, this sister is not easy! Shen Dong, once the strongest in the sect, now just wants to live in peace, but the appearance of summer has broken his peaceful life. This girl who is in trouble everywhere seems to be perverse and unruly, but her heart is kind and warm. Shen Dong was gradually moved by its influence… At the same time, the contradictions between the four sects continued to escalate. This time, the old and new grudges were settled together!

This new donghua might also remind you of Bilibili’s previous martial arts donghua that has been set in the modern world, Dragon’s Disciple.

Release Date

So, all eyes should be set on its release date on July 28 and avid fans can watch it on its official page on Bilibili. Summer Punch will air until November 3, 2022; for a total of 16 episodes and a duration of 13 minutes each.

Summer Punch donghua

What’s even more amazing is that Painted Edge is handling its production so we can expect action-packed and well-animated fight scenes this time. Painted Edge is in-charge of some of the best Chinese anime fights I’ve seen such as those in The Indomitable (Qian Cong Shou). They also animated the gorgeous 3DCGI donghua Face on Lie (Huang Yan), thus, you may expect some similarities in character designs.

Voice Cast

Meanwhile, the voice casting list of Summer Punch features some new and familiar names such as the following:

  • Jiang Yingjun as Xia Ri
  • Yang Xinran as Wang Haiyang
  • Wang Cong as Ning Shiyu
  • Li Hanlin as Shen Dong
  • Gang Pixiu as Du Mingmei

Official Trailer

First, let’s take a look at its trailer and see what we should expect from its quality of animation and the mood that it has to offer.