Chinese Paladin 3 Gets Donghua Adaptation from Tencent

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 3 or Chinese Paladin 3 has been unveiled as one of the new donghua adaptations from the recently concluded Tencent Video Animation 2022 Conference last August 8. It incorporates Chinese fantasy elements with martial heroes (wuxia) plots.

Chinese Paladin 3

Adapted from a popular video game called The Legend of Sword and Fairy or Chinese Paladin, it is the 3rd installment in the game franchise and serves as the prequel for the first game.

Chinese Paladin 3 is the 2nd from the franchise to be adapted into a donghua. The first one is Chinese Paladin 4 which was first unveiled last year by Bilibili as part of their upcoming works. That sounds amazing, isn’t it? Despite the differences in the production team, fans of the video game will definitely enjoy seeing them animated.

Handling the production of the Chinese Paladin anime adaptation is Year Young Culture, the studio behind The Island of Siliang. Therefore, we can all expect that it’ll be another top-notched donghua in terms of animation quality.

Chinese Paladin 3 Donghua Concept PV

The new donghua hasn’t unveiled its release date yet or even its estimated year of release but we do have here the first look at it through the first teaser promotional video for it which features some concept arts as shown below.

Fans can get direct updates about Chinese Paladin 3 donghua on their Weibo page or on its official page on Tencent Video.

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