Battle Through The Heavens Season 6 Teased in A New Key Poster

With the 5th season recently started, Battle Through The Heavens sure drop major surprises to its fans during the Tencent Video Animation 2022 Conference last August 8 where a new key poster and promotional video for the series has been unveiled.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 6 Xiao Yan vs Yun Shan

The poster features Xiao Yan in his new appearance after he returns from his slumber in the depths of the Qi-Refining Tower where he had the long process of absorbing the Fallen Heart Flame. In the new key poster of Battle Through The Heavens, Xiao Yan is facing off against Yun Shan denoting that the poster is intended to tease the continuation of the story in which Xiao Yan will return to the Jia Ma Empire to exact his vengeance against the Yun Lan Sect.

Furthermore, the new PV features the designs for the new characters that haven’t appeared in the donghua yet but we can expect that they will appear during the run of Battle Through The Heavens Season 5: Nian Fan as these characters are new foes and allies that Xiao Yan will have during his stay in the Black-Corner Region and some them will join him in his quest of vengeance back in his home country.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 6 PV

With that being said, we can only conclude that the new poster and PV are intended for what’s to come after the Nian Fan, making it a possible teaser for Battle Through The Heavens Season 6. A kinda legit hypothesis knowing that the current 5th season will air for 52 episodes until July next year, thus, this news simply gets further supporting announcement in Tencent annual conference in 2023. I supposed we can get the official announcement for Battle Through The Heavens Season 6 by then.

Nevertheless, this is enough reason for us all to be excited as it only shows that Battle Through The Heavens is not simply ending with Xiao Yan’s reunion with Xuner in the Jia Nan Academy and his fight against Yao Chen’s first student, Han Feng. Instead, he’ll take us all back to the Jia Ma Empire to finish his blood feud with the Yun Lan Sect patriarch Yun Shan, and the establishment of his own alliance.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t watched it yet, Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 is currently airing which first started last July 31, 2022. You guys can watch it on Tencent Video or your favorite anime and donghua streaming outlets.

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