Magical Journey (Mo You Ji) Chinese Anime Release & Updates

There’s a new fantasy donghua coming over this September from Tencent and that is Mo You Ji or we can simply call as Magical Journey, it sounds pretty generic that it’ll remind you of other fantasy donghua such as Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad (Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao).

Mo You Ji Poster

However, it does have its own unique appeal and story to deliver too as it features a fantasy world divided into two races.

Mo You Ji Plot

Moyouji is the first domestically produced three-rendered two-blooded action drama. The story takes place on the imaginary continent of Kyushu, which is divided into two races: aliens and ordinary people. Among them, aliens are born with the ability to control spiritual power, ranging from magic weapons to big ones. Ordinary people rely on ingenuity to compete with foreigners. The two races have been fighting for generations, and a fragile peace has just been reached. And the ancient secret treasure “Pangu Heart” appeared at this time. It is said that if you get this object, you can obtain supreme power, causing the battle between the two races to resume. And this ancient secret treasure was swallowed into the body by the young “Jiang Liu’er” by chance. Since then he has become the target of competition between the two sides. At the critical moment, he was rescued by the bounty hunters Tian Zhuyan, Zhuan, and Yan Liusha and sent to the owner of Tiandu City. The owner of the museum told them that if they wanted to take out the “Heart of Pangu”, they had to go to the Lotus Temple, thousands of miles away, to find the former leader of Yiren, Sakyamuni. In order to survive Jiang Liu had to invite the bounty trio to travel with him. Since then, the four have embarked on a journey to the west of adventure, salvation, and treasure hunting.

Source: Tencent Video

The new donghua is animated by Yixiang Culture and will begin its broadcast on September 27, 2022. It is scheduled for 12 episodes with Tencent Penguin Pictures and Red Dragon Pictures producing the new animated series. The studio boasts the donghua as a gorgeous 2D animation on the surface but with a 3D model that highlights an absolutely stunning experience for the viewers.

For fans who wish to watch Mo You Ji, you guys can check its official outlet on Tencent below:
Tencent Video.