No Doubt In Us Season 2 Release Date Scheduled on October 26

It’s been almost a year since the No Doubt In Us donghua adaptation has ended and fans do not need to wait that long anymore as the 2nd season of the series had been already scheduled for release this fall, although it was already announced last year by Bilibili.

No Doubt In Us Season 2 donghua release date

The announcement of the No Doubt In Us Season 2 release date was made on September 21, 2022, where a new key visual and promotional trailer for it has been unveiled by its production committee, marking the start of the teasing season for it as we get to have more updates about it in the next few weeks until its eventual release on October 26.

It’s gonna be another season full of romance in the air as No Doubt In Us Season 2 continues where the story left off during the season 1 finale and once again, we’ll have the Emperor and the Empress doing their usual antics. One thing is sure though, there will always be some development that will help them understand each other and with this, an exciting and genuine relationship will spring and thrive even more.

The romance donghua is adapted from a Chinese manhua called Liang Bu Yi and is also known by another title, The Emperor’s New Body which connotes the body-switching antics of the plot where the Emperor and Empress switched bodies, hence, their rather cold relationship began to ignite by the experience each other’s situation. In this regard, they’ve learned and discovered new facts about each other.

This is the story of a smart emperor in a weak body, and a strong empress but quite dumb; if they switch places, then, something different and exciting might actually take place.

Liang Bu Yi donghua’s adaptation premiered in April of 2021, almost 2 years since the Chinese anime adaptation had been announced. It was animated by Paper Plane Animation which is coming back in No Doubt in Us Season 2 as its animating studio.

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