Lian Qi Lian Le 300 Nian is to be released on October 7

It seems that we’ll have action and fantasy donghua to keep an eye on from the Fall 2022 donghua lineup in this new series called Lian Qi Lian Le 300 Nian, also known as I Have Refined Qi for 3000 Years!, or My Three Thousand Years to the Sky which follows the journey of Bai who keeps on trying to break through for 3000 years but to no avail, he cannot, yet, he’s still as powerful as any of those Chinese anime OP main characters that we had out there despite being considered a newbie.

Lian Qi Lianle 300 Nian donghua

Adapted from a novel of the same title, Lian Qi Lian Le 300 Nian by Ciwei Mao Yuedu was also adapted into a manhua called Lian Qi Lianle Sanqiannian in 2019. The new donghua is one of Bilibili’s upcoming shows this fall and it was previously unveiled during the annual conference of the company last year.

Lian Qi Lianle 300 Nian manhua


Bai Qiuran, the protagonist who has cultivated Qi to the 66665th floor but still can’t successfully build a foundation, gets a clue about a mysterious ancient stone tablet. This clue hides the secret method that can help him build a foundation successfully. Bai Qiuran decides to go down the mountain to find out.

The new donghua is a combination of wuxia and xinxia where we follow the MC who had been on a quest of finding ways to help him establish a foundation in his cultivation method despite being in the Qi Condensation stage for so long.

Lian Qi Lian Le 300 Nian release date is scheduled on October 7, 2022, according to the latest announcement from Bilibili and its production committee. Shanghai Foch Studio is handling its animation, hence, we can expect a similar quality to some of their works such as Full-Time Magister, Stellar Transformations, Perfect World, and The Grand Lord.

For fans who wish to watch this new donghua, you can check its official page on Bilibili here: 炼气练了3000年

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