I Am A Great God Season 3 (Wo Shi Da Shen Xian) Donghua Release & Updates

The one and only almighty great god himself is returning for I Am A Great God Season 3 (Wo Shi Da Shen Xian) which shouts so much praise for oneself but is still acceptable since he can back up his claims. One of the most hilarious and popular donghua from Tencent is returning for its 3rd season which was announced during the Tencent Video Animation Conference on August 8, 2022.

I Am A Great God Season 3 key visual

I Am A Great God Season 3 (Wo Shi Da Shen Xian) Overview

The donghua is the 3rd season of the series which was first released in 2020 by IDREAM Entertainment Animation Studio in collaboration with Tencent Penguin Pictures and Tencent Animation & Comics. It aired for 16 episodes which were followed by the 2nd season several months later which consisted of another 16 episodes.

I Am A Great God is adapted from a Chinese manhua by Shen Si Comics which was released in 2017 on Tencent Comics. The manhua is also known by other titles such as I Am A Big God, I Am A Great Fairy and The Immortal In Me.


At the age of seven, the very short-lived child prodigy, who was growing too fast, returned to the immortal world to prevent his abnormal growth. From then on, with his gifted brain and wisdom he obtained from the earth, he walked on the path of immortality to become the legendary god and return to his normal life…

Source: Manga Updates

Animation Studio & Release Date

With the announcement of I Am A Great God Season 3, fans can only expect something better, and thankfully, we get a new studio to handle the series and that is CG Year, the studio behind Carp Reborn and the Chinese martial arts donghua Great Journey of Teenagers.

Its release date hasn’t been unveiled yet but we will keep you posted once its production committee announced any news about it.

Trailers & PVs

Meanwhile, let’s take a look first at I Am Great God Season 3 through the first preview that Tencent unveiled during the conference last August.