Chinese Donghua Since The Red Moon Appeared (Cong Hong Yue Kaishi) Release & Updates

A new horror and psychological donghua are about to set us all on fire after it was unveiled by Tencent during their 2022 annual conference and that is no other than Since The Red Moon Appeared. That was quite a title, isn’t it? It feels like it tells the story on the surface literally but still needs the viewer to delve deeper into it and truly enjoyed what it has to offer beneath the surface.

Since The Red Moon Appeared

Since The Red Moon Appeared (Cong Hong Yue Kaishi) Overview

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the donghua was unveiled during the 2022 Tencent Video Animation Conference last August 8 and it is among the newly adapted works in the lineup along with the likes of Outta Fire. For fans of psychological novels, Since The Red Moon Appeared may remind you of Lord of Mysteries, The Righteous Players, or Embers Ad Infinitum.

The new donghua is adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same title by author Ghost of Dark Mountain (Hei Shan Lao Gui) which was published in 2020 on Qidian and Webnovel. Aside from the horror and psychological aspects, the story of Since The Red Moon Appeared also involves supernatural and sci-fi elements, an unlikely combination but still works effectively if the author wants to mess around with the reader’s mind.

Since The Red Moon Appeared is rather considered among the good horror novels out there from China and features a futuristic setting with alternate-world antics, monster mutations, and psychic powers.


From the moment the red moon appeared in the sky, everyone in the world turned crazy. Except me!

Source: Novel Updates

What’s even more exciting is that aside from the donghua adaptation, the novel was also adapted to a manhua which began releasing on August 8, 2022 on Tencent Comics.

Animation Studio & Release Date

Handling the production of Since The Red Moon Appeared donghua adaptation is Foch, the studio behind familiar series like Stellar Transformations, Full-Time Magister, Perfect World, and Epic of Divinity Light. Meanwhile, serving as producers are big names in the Chinese animation industry like Tencent Animation & Comics, Tencent Penguin Pictures, and Yuewen Animation & Comics.

The release date for the series hasn’t been unveiled yet but since it is listed as part of the 2022-2013 donghua lineup from Tencent, we can expect that it’ll premiere within that timeframe.

Trailers & PVs

A 3DCG trailer for the donghua was also unveiled and I could definitely feel the hype from it. It reminds me of the psychological Japanese anime Pet although the plot is not similar at all, just the vibes coming out of it. Check out the trailer below:

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