Xi Xing Ji Season 3 (The Westward) Release Date, Trailers & Updates

The action-adventure Chinese anime adaptation of the Xi Xing Ji manhua series is coming back this 2021 for its 3rd season and fans of 3D donghua should not miss watching this comeback. Xi Xing Ji is also known as the Journey to the West, Westbound Discipline, Westbound, or just Westward on which many of us might be quite familiar with since it is related to the famous story of The Journey to the West, one of the classic story from Ancient China which had been adapted to many adaptations through the years.

Xi Xing Ji season 3 anime

Xi Xing Ji Season 3 Release Date & Trailer

Alright, here’s the news that many of us are waiting for. When is the release of Xi Xing Ji Season 3? Is BYMENT studio returning to animate it and where are the trailers? So, here we go! Xi Xing Ji Season 3 release date is slated on June 2, 2021 and yes, BYMENT studio is back to animate the series. If you had enjoyed the first two seasons of Xi Xing Ji, then you’ll definitely up for another good ride this season. Meanwhile, Tencent Pictures and Tencent Penguin Pictures are producing the donghua.

Xi Xing ji Season 3

The Westward Season 3 or with the complete title of Xixing Ji: Suming Pian, series also unveiled several key posters including the one posted above. While we have the trailer for Xi Xing Ji Season 3 below and it sure looks stunning and exciting.

Xi Xing Ji Overview

The Chinese anime was adapted from the manhua of the same title written by Jianhe Zheng and published on June 11, 20215. It follows the story of the usual characters we have from The Journey to the West novel including the notorious Monkey King – Sun Wukong, Sha Wujing, Zhu Bajie, Ao Xue, and Xuanzang.

xi xing ji manhua


The journey to the West was a conspiracy of heaven! After Sutra went missing for more than a decade, Heaven sent its army to search, in order not to let the Sutra once again fall into the hands of heaven, the journey to West begin again. (Source: White Cloud Pavilion)

Xi Xing Ji anime

Meanwhile, the donghua adaptation of the manhua first premiered on July 18, 2018 on Tencent and run for a total of 16 episodes until October 10, 2018. It was then followed by a second season on September 11, 2019 with 22 episodes until January 31, 2020.

Where to Watch Xi Xing Ji Season 3 Online?

Now, if you’re wondering where to watch Xi Xing Ji Season 3, you can check its official page on Tencent here: XI XING JI. Furthermore, the first two seasons of the series were also uploaded there.

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