LINK CLICK Season 2 (Shiguang Daili Ren) Unveiled its 1st Promo Poster

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang are both returning in LINK CLICK Season 2, the highly anticipated return of our favorite time-travel donghua which takes everyone by surprise during its stint last April to July 2021. Many had considered the donghua which is also known as LINK CLICK to be the best Chinese anime of 2021 and had been such an incredible experience especially to those who are new to Chinese animation.

LINK CLICK Season 2 Poster

Alright, donghua fans had been asking if LINK CLICK Season 2 will come? The truth is a big YES, the committee had already confirmed that LINK CLICK Season 2 had been in production upon the finale of the 1st season last July. And now, a few days before the scheduled Bilibili Annual Conference where the Chinese company will unveil their Donghua Lineup for 2021-2022, LINK CLICK Season 2 is one of the highly anticipated series to be revealed in the event.

And yes, the production team on Studio LAN, Haoliners Animation League, BeDream, and Bilibili has unveiled that they will announce some updates about LINK CLICK Season 2 at the event. In fact, a new promotional poster had been unveiled as shown above. Furthermore, a teaser trailer had also been published, it is a set of scenes from the previous seasons that seems like a refresher of what happened that leads to the current stage of the story and what is about to come after those scenarios.

Well, things don’t look nice or enticing for Cheng Xiaoshi as LINK CLICK Season 1 definitely left a bitter aftertaste to many fans with such a huge cliffhanger and we are all craving to see what will happen next in the story. Thus, the highly anticipated and much-needed LINK CLICK Season 2 will surely be among the most-awaited subject to be discussed during the conference.

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