Fantasy x Hunter Unveiled its Opening Theme and PVs before its December 25 Premiere

Fantasy x Hunter is the first to premiere from all the exciting Chinese anime lineup from Colored-Pencil Animation and Tencent Penguin Pictures. The series had been in production since 2019 and many fans are anxiously waiting for it as it will deliver a rather generic yet familiar story that many anime fans will seriously enjoy. Fans of isekai and game-themed stories should add Fantasy x Hunter to their watchlist.

Fantasy x Hunter Donghua Poster

Fantasy x Hunter Promo Videos & Posters

Prior to its scheduled release on December 25, 2021; Fantasy x Hunter has unveiled a set of promotional images and trailers on their official Weibo pages. The PVs include character trailers as well as an introduction to the world-setting of the story.

Furthermore, the production committee has already started posting the countdown posters for Fantasy x Hunter featuring the main characters of the donghua as shown below:

Fantasy x Hunter Opening and Ending Theme

The opening theme for the donghua was also unveiled, it is to be noted that the ending theme had been revealed a bit earlier a few weeks ago.

The donghua was adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same title (Huan You Lieren) by Ji Ming and revolves around a game-related plot that is quite similar to Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, thus many anime fans will find this donghua familiar. In general, this is a fantasy and adventure story worth checking out with splendid animation and gorgeous visuals, Fantasy x Hunter is a must-watch donghua before the year ends.


In 2079 the birth of the brainwave instrument BrainStation triggered the fourth industrial revolution. Mankind has ushered in a brand new era-the “virtual cyber age”. Through the use of a BrainStation, people can connect to an all-encompassing cyber world. This virtual world is constructed like a neural network and the entire system is controlled and dispatched by the master brain Watson. However, overtime issues are starting to surface: many people can’t distinguish between virtual and reality, leading to psychosis and long-term addiction to the virtual world.

The series will premiere on December 25 on Tencent Video. You may also check it out on your favorite anime and donghua streaming providers such as WeTV, KurinaOfficial, and MundoDonghua to name a few.

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