Chinese Donghua Dragon’s Disciple to Air on January 28 on Bilibili

Donghua fans have a new wuxia series to add to their watchlist and that is Long She Yanyi also known as Dragon’s Disciple, a new Chinese anime from the 2022 donghua lineup of Bilibili.

Dragon's Disciple anime
Dragon’s Disciple key visual |
Photo credit: bilibili, Mopi, Wonder Cat Animation

Dragon’s Disciple had been scheduled for release on January 28, 2022 on Bilibili at 11:00 am timeslot. The first 3 episodes of the donghua will be broadcast consecutively and exclusively on Bilibili.

It is animated by Xuni Pictures and produced by Bilibili, Mopi, and Wonder Cat Animation. The donghua was first revealed by bilibili during their event where they unveiled their 2022 lineup. It is among the new series in the lineup along with returning sequels.


Under the guidance of Tang Zichen, a master of Chinese martial arts, Wang Chao, a frail young man with a strong sense of justice, embarks on the road of traditional martial arts and goes all the way to surpass himself. He experienced the spirit of martial arts practitioners who use martial arts to stop fighting and convince people with morality, and also carry forward traditional martial arts and promote righteousness.

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Character Posters

Dragon’s Disciple Cast

Here is the previously revealed cast for the donghua adaptation of Dragon’s Disciple led by Yang Tianxiang who had voiced many of our favorite donghua MCs.

  • Yang Tianxiang as Wang Chao
  • Ji Guanlin as Tang Zichen
  • Zeng Mengyu as Zen Yinsha
  • Jing Xiang as Zhao Xinglong

Dragon’s Disciple is adapted from a novel written by the author Meng Rushen Ji who also wrote several novels that were also adapted into donghua such as Yang Shen and Yong Sheng (Immortality), the latter was scheduled for release on January 29 on Bilibili as well.

The series can also be called the Dragon and Snake Romance. If you wish to watch the donghua, you can check its official pages on Bilibili and Weibo below:

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