Will there be Battle Through The Heavens Season 6?

After the exciting experience that we all had with the Three-Year Agreement special episodes, many fans are now asking – Will there be Battle Through the Heavens Season 6 or Doupo Cangqiong Season 6?

That question can’t be answered by either yes or no, because specifically, Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 hasn’t been released yet. People often confused the Three-Year Agreement to be the 5th season of the donghua but such is not the case.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 6

The special episodes which absolutely gave us a 12-episode stint of pure madness filled with great fight scenes and nerve-wracking revelations are the bridge between the 4th season and the upcoming 5th season, thus, it only showcases the first grand climax from the novel as Xiao Yan set his eyes to a new adventure in the Black-Corner Region before he exacts his revenge on Yun Shan.

So, will there be Battle Through the Heavens Season 6? Right now, we still have to wait for the release of the 5th season but I will not say NO here, because the donghua is adapted from a novel that spanned hundreds to thousand of chapters, and Xiao Yan’s journey is just starting. Therefore, there’s a big possibility that Battle Through the Heavens is getting a 6th season, an expected announcement that we can look forward to the finale of the 5th season.

Furthermore, Battle Through The Heavens is expected to follow the same format of releasing as Soul Land now, upon its return for the 5th season, it’ll be released continuously and we might even have the 6th season right after the 5th season ended, now, isn’t that even more exciting?

Nevertheless, things aren’t set in stone yet, one thing we are sure though is that Battle Through the Heavens Season 5 is coming next after the scheduled reboot of the 1st season. Then, we can see Xiao Yan’s new journey in the Black-Corner Region as he meets new people, friends, and foes, experience new adventure, and eventually grow strong and wiser.

Not convinced yet? Well, Xiao Yan will have a reunion with Xun er this time and I think we can all agree on how overwhelming strong their childhood sweetheart our MC had. Would love to see her meeting with Queen Medusa too. Then, we’ll also have another new main villain to look forward to here, it’s the previous student of Yao Lao who betrayed him, and Xiao Yan’s new encounter in the Jia Nan Academy. I am definitely excited for his meeting with TianHou Zun-ze, with another best girl Zi Yan, and him getting another Heavenly Flame.

With all of these said, we can only anticipate all the exciting and astonishing stuff happening soon in the story of Battle Through The Heavens regardless of whether we’ll get more seasons or a full continuous run from it in the future.

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