Is Legend of Exorcism Season 2 Releasing on Netflix?

Many fans had been anxiously waiting for this news whether Legend of Exorcism Season 2 is getting a Netflix release since the popular streaming platform has added the first season of the donghua in June 2021, almost a year after it concluded.

Tianbao Fuyao Lu Season 2
Tianbao Fuyao Lu Season 2

Now, if we will be talking about the same formula as the first season, Legend of Exorcism Season 2 has only concluded several months ago, to be specific on August 1, 2021. If we will follow this basis, Netflix may or may not release it but if they will, they might release Legend of Exorcism Season 2 on their platform sometime in the Summer or Fall of 2022.

For those who haven’t watched Legend of Exorcism yet, the donghua is now available on Netflix. The series is adapted from a Chinese BL novel titled Tiao Bao Fuyao Lu which features a lot of action and fights against demons while also highlighting the intimate bonds between the people in the Department of Exorcism.


After leaving Yaojin Palace, Kong Hongjun arrives in Chang’an to battle demons and forms a bond with exorcism squad chief Li Jinglong.

Source: Netflix

The series had been animated by Sparkly Key Animation, the studio behind Soul Land and Swallowed Star as well as the Chinese anime classic Qin’s Moon and its prequel series, Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens.

The donghua also features a wide range of voice actors that we might be quite familiar with from other series such as the following:

  • Jiang Bian as Jinglong Li
  • Fei Ling as Rigen Mo
  • Lifeng Lu as Yongsi Qiu
  • Su Shanqing as Xu Lu
  • Tute Hameng as Xieyu
  • Jinwen Chen as Hongjun Kong
  • Sicen Liu as Atai
  • Beichen as Zilong Zhao
  • Jie Yang as Guo Guo Furen

Now, we can only anticipate for Legend of Exorcism Season 2 to come on Netflix. Nevertheless, avid fans of the donghua may also expect the upcoming Legend of Exorcism Season 3 which had been previously revealed as part of the Bilibili donghua lineup for 2022.

Meanwhile, if you wish to watch the Legend of Exorcism, the first season is now available on Netflix. For the 2nd season, you can also watch the series on the official streaming provider of the series on Bilibili as well as on their YouTube channel.

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