Upcoming Chinese isekai anime Kai Ju Yi Zuo Shan has been unveiled a new PV

Avid fans of hilarious and fun Chinese comedy donghua have something to look forward to this 2022 and that is the upcoming donghua adaptation of the popular manhua Kai Ju Yi Zuo Shan.

Kai Ju Yi Zuo Shan donghua

This new Chinese isekai anime is one of Tencent’s upcoming series and it is animated by Beijing’s Qiyuan Yinghua, the studio behind the recently concluded 4th season of Hitori no Shita: The Outcast and the Grave Robbers: Sacred Tree of Qinling donghua adaptations.

Kai Ju Yi Zuo Shan Teaser Trailer

Kai Ju Yi Zuo Shan is adapted from a Chinese manhua of the same name and is also known by a title such as I Have A Shanzhai or Start a Mountain. The manhua was created by Fu Sheng and adapted the story originally written by Hamo Dawang. The original manhua was released in 2020 and had been published on Tencent Comics.


Starting with a mountain fort with just his general and his squire, he will build it into a mighty fortress. A man was transmigrated into a war-torn world, in charge of a gang that was about to break up. In this kill-or-be-killed era, will he be a mountain bandit, content with robbing money, food, and girls to live an easy life? Or will he be more ambitious, set out to take on the world’s heroes, and build a legendary legacy. It’s time to ask the question: Men, do you have the courage?

Source: Tencent, translated

This hilarious new donghua promises a ride full of fun despite putting some serious mood on the surface. The manhua where the new donghua is adapted from is one of Tencent’s most popular series on their archives.

The series will be streamed officially on Tencent Video starting April 15, 2022. The donghua will be joining the list of the best Chinese comedy anime that fans should add to their watchlist upon its release.

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