Martial Universe Season 3 (Wu Dong Qian Kun) Revealed its 2nd Trailer

The second trailer for the highly anticipated Chinese cultivation donghua Martial Universe Season 3 or also known as Wu Dong Qian Kun 3 had been revealed on its official page on Weibo which features the main character Lin Dong in his new get up as we had seen him grow into a fine young man.

Martial Universe Season 3 Wu Dong Qian Kun 3

This is the first look for many viewers to the series which has been taken over by a new animation studio after the previous one, Motion Magic has given their full attention to Battle Through the Heavens franchise which is currently their biggest project. Now, taking over Martial Universe animation is the relatively new studio DC Impression Vision but is still under the 2022 Chinese anime lineup of Tencent Penguin Pictures.

The new trailer for Martial Universe Season 3 has featured Lin Dong in his young adult appearance as he fought various opponents and highlight some of the fights that we should look forward to in the new season of the donghua.

The series was first unveiled to get a 3rd season during the 2020 annual conference of Tencent which was later confirmed upon the finale of its 2nd season around that time of the year too. It was further confirmed and announced that the 3rd season of Martial Universe is coming during the 2021 annual conference of Tencent but this time, it mentioned that a new studio will take over the series and that is DC Impression Vision.

So, here’s the latest trailer for Martial Universe Season 3:

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