Martial Universe Season 3 Character PV Features Lin Dong’s New Form

The new form of Lin Dong has been the highlight in the recently released character preview for Martial Universe Season 3 which features our main character in his new character design in his somewhat demonic form with his horn as a new defining feature.

Lin Dong Martial Universe Season 3

If you’re wondering how he ended up getting this new form, then we can only wait until Martial Universe Season 3 is released on May 1, 2022. Nonetheless, Lin Dong’s new form is all thanks to his luck as he was able to get the blood of the demonic ape which helps increased his strength and have his cultivation leaped several folds.

Martial Universe Season 3 Character PV Lin Dong

Martial Universe Season 3 is one of the most awaited donghua from Tencent this year and it is understandable since many fans of the series had been waiting for this for almost 2 years since its previous season concluded in 2020.

The series got a new production team as DC Impression Vision took over the project from Motion Magic. Therefore, we might notice some differences with the animation quality but seeing its available trailers so far, it seems, fans has nothing to worry about its quality at all.

Martial Universe Season 3 will continue where the story left off since its 2nd season finale. It will also highlight Lin Dong’s journey and his development through the years before his highly anticipated fight against Lin Langtian to redeem the honor of his family.

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