Martial Universe Season 3 Opening Theme Has Been Revealed

Time to get ready as we can definitely feel all the excitement in the upcoming Martial Universe Season 3 as Lin Dong returns to continue his journey of redeeming his family’s honor and reaching new heights of cultivation.

Martial Universe Season 3 Opening Theme

To further add some excitement, the production committee of Martial Universe Season 3 has unveiled the official opening theme for the donghua which is scheduled for release on May 1, 2022 on Tencent Video.

The new opening theme for the donghua features some key scenes from the upcoming series as well as the character designs of our favorite characters. Furthermore, new characters were introduced as well such as Mu Qianqian.

It also highlights Lin Dong’s new form which he acquired after getting the blood of the demonic ape which greatly increased his cultivation strength.

Now, we should keep an eye on his return in Martial Universe Season 3 starting May 1 as it took over the highly coveted Sunday timeslot that had been previously occupied by the recently concluded Stellar Transformations Season 4.

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