Battle Through The Heavens: Origin (Yuanqi) Release & Updates

After the successful stint of Battle Through The Heavens: Three Year Agreement which concluded the conflict between Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran, and opened up the path to his bigger adversary, the entirety of Yunlan Sect and Yun Shan, the popular Chinese cultivation donghua had made many fans eagerly and anxiously waiting for its return and they’re even excited for Battle Through The Heavens Season 5.

Battle Through the Heavens Origin

However, things are not as simple as that, before the 5th season, a reboot of the first season is coming through first. Yes, Battle Through The Heavens: Origin or Yuanqi is set to premiere first before the 5th season of the series, some anime listing site has labeled it as the prequel to the season 1 but more or less, it is a reboot of a story that took place prior to the transfer of the franchise to Motion Magic as its new studio.

Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi will serve as the rebooted first season under the production of Motion Magic as opposed to the entire first season which was originally animated by Shanghai Foch Film. I think this is more like a formality though for the new studio to have the entire franchise under their belt.

It will highlight Xiao Yan’s first encounter with Yao Chen, mostly known as his teacher Yao Lao. Although, I believed that this chapter of the story will focus more on their encounter, and how the old master taught his new student in strengthening his Dou Qi and become an alchemist.

It is listed as part of Tencent’s 2022 Chinese anime lineup and it is expected to get released in the highly coveted Sunday timeslot that had been usually occupied by Tencent’s popular xinxia series such as Martial Universe, Battle Through The Heavens, and Stellar Transformations.

There’s no specific date yet, but it is speculated to premiere after Martial Universe Season 3 which is currently airing on Tencent Video.

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