Juedai Shuang Jiao (Legendary Twins) Donghua Character PVs Unveiled

Fans of Chinese wuxia donghua sure must be delighted with the fact that one of the classic novels from the 1960s is getting a donghua adaptation this year and that is Juedai Shuang Jiao or also known as Legendary Twins which follows the story of twins who had been separated as infants and raised by opposing factions until fate eventually let them meet in the most unexpected way.

Legendary Twins (Juedai Shuang Jiao)

The new wuxia donghua is adapted from a novel of the same title by Gu Long, one of the best and most popular Chinese novelists of the 20th Century. While many fans are patiently waiting for its release this year since Tencent has previously unveiled That Legendary Twins is one of their Chinese anime lineups this 2022, we can only get excited about it.

Legendary Twins donghua adaptation is handled by studio BYMENT, the same studio behind the famous Xixing Ji (The Westward) series.


The story follows a pair of twin brothers who, because of a feud between two formidable martial artists, were separated at birth and raised on opposing sides.

Meanwhile, the official Weibo page of Legendary Twins had been posting trailers and promotional videos to tease the fans of the donghua. So, far it has released the official full-length trailer for Legendary Twins as well as several characters PV which gives us a look at basic details that we should know about these various characters.

Therefore, I will be sharing with you all the previously revealed character PVs of Legendary Twins as follows below:

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