Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi and Nian Fan New Trailer Unveiled

It seems that the moment that many donghua viewers had been waiting for is drawing closer as we finally get the first updates from Battle Through The Heavens after the Three-Year Agreement finale almost 6 months ago. Now, the next installment in the series is coming soon as Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi comes next and is followed by Nian Fan right after.

Battle Through the Heavens Yuanqi Nian Fan

The first trailer for Battle Through The Heavens Season 5: Nian Fan was unveiled in combination with the Yuanqi or also known as Origin, the reboot of the first season which will also feature additional scenes from the backstory of Yao Lao before he meets with Xiao Yan. Thus, Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi will highlight Han Feng’s betrayal of Yao Lao as well as some never-before seen from the first season.

Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi Trailer

The trailer also ended with a glimpse at the Fallen Heart Flame, the next Heavenly Flame that Xiao Yan will dare to tame which was silently sleeping at the Jia Nan Academy in the Black-Corner Region, the setting of Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 after Xiao Yan fled from Jia Ma Empire with the Misty Cloud Sect chasing him out.

It’s gonna be an exciting part and Martial Universe Season 3 coming close to its finale, fans are speculating that Battle Through The Heavens: Yuanqi might replace it on its highly coveted Sunday timeslot on which the returning series previously occupied. Furthermore, with the reboot scheduled to have 3 episodes, the fifth season might eventually be aired right after it which is slated for 52 episodes, a year-long run for the newest craze among Chinese 3D anime fans.

Meanwhile, Motion Magic is returning as the animation studio and Tencent Penguin Pictures as one of its producers. No release date has been specified yet but it is slated to premiere this year as it’s been slated as part of Tencent’s 2022 donghua lineup.

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