Wu Di De Zu Qiu (Wu Di’s Football) Donghua Unveiled Key Visual and PV

From the production committee behind the highly anticipated sports donghua Left Hand Layup!, here comes Wu Di’s Football or also known as Wu Di De Zu Qiu, a sports donghua about football as the youthful heart bravely takes on the adventure towards that goal, a championship.

Wu Di's Football 3

Wu Di’s Football is an original 2D donghua from Heart & Soul Animation Studio, and it was produced by LHL Culture, the studio behind the Chinese Basketball Association sponsored donghua Left Hand Layup! which is scheduled for release this 2022.

This new sports donghua aims to start the football culture in Chinese animation and a huge leap already since we only have a few donghua that revolves around sports such as Fly! High, and The King’s Avatar.

Wu Di’s Football Key Visual

Wu Di's Football chinese anime

Heart & Soul Animation has unveiled the key visual for the Wu Di’s Football as shown above, together with a full trailer for the donghua which highlights the smooth animation quality, upbeat music befitting of a sports journey, and a glimpse at the story as a whole and the vibe that we should expect from it. I must say, it is rather delightful and full of energy.

Wu Di’s Football Trailer

Furthermore, we also have here character bio visuals featuring the main characters of the donghua as shown below:

Alright, we are only getting started as we’re getting plenty of Chinese sports anime starting now. We will keep you updated whenever we get news about Wu Di’s Football, so don’t forget to bookmark our site, Chinese Anime Online.