Chinese Donghua Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian) Release Date is scheduled for August 2

The donghua adaptation of Jade Dynasty (Zhu Xian), one of China’s most popular web novels had been officially scheduled for release on August 2, 2022, and this is one that we are looking forward to from Tencent Video Animation this year.

Jade Dynasty visual donghua

Adapted from a Chinese web novel written by Ding Xiao, Zhu Xian or Jade Dynasty is one of Tencent’s biggest and most ambitious donghua this 2022 after it was first announced last year during the Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference.

The action and fantasy-adventure donghua will feature a wonderful fusion of wuxia and xinxia through a full 3DCGI animation. Jade Dynasty is just one of the many adaptations from popular novels coming this year, the other one that many fans had been waiting for this year is Dragon Raja (Long Zu) which is also slated for release on August 19.


Zhang Xiaofan, who was orphaned overnight, was accepted as a disciple of the Qingyun Sect. After five years of hard cultivation, he excelled in the Seven Meridians Tournament of his discipline and was sent to Mount Kongsang to spy on the movements of the Demon Sect. During the journey, he and his fellow student Lu Xueqi encountered danger and rescued and befriended the demon cultivator Biyao. However, new dangers are waiting for him in the future.

Source: QQ, translated

Jade Dynasty Release Date

Jade Dynasty’s release date is scheduled for August 2, 2022, and it will air for 26 episodes until January 17, 2023. Tencent Penguin Pictures is serving as its producer while studio Cloud Art is handling its production. The animation studio is relatively new but it did produce some well-quality donghua lately such as Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad (Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao), and the upcoming Honor of Kings (Wang Zhe Rongyao).


The donghua will be available for streaming on its official page on Tencent Video QQ and its official Weibo page is also posting updates where fans can directly get news about the series straight from the production committee. Here’s a treat to everyone, Jade Dynasty donghua adaptation will release 3 episodes right away on August 2 which is definitely exciting, isn’t it?

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