Chinese Anime Dragon Raja is Scheduled for Release on August 19

One of China’s most successful and popular web novels of the 21st Century is getting a donghua adaptation this 2022 and that is Dragon Raja or Long Zu. From Studio GARDEN, the production company behind the later seasons of Fox Spirit Matchmaker and summer 2022 romance donghua Cang Lan Jue, Dragon Raja is expected to be a great ride, just in time with the busiest season of the year for Chinese animations where plenty of new donghua are being released.

Dragon Raja Character Image Stills

In this new Chinese anime, it’ll be the season of dragons, as it chronicles the journey which is something unexpected in a story that somehow looks like our typical shounen adventure but ends up to a fascinating ride with so much drama and action.

Dragon Raja Release Date

The donghua had been first announced as part of the 2022 Chinese anime lineup by Tencent Video Animation last year, and now, a year after, Dragon Raja is scheduled for release on August 19 and we simply can’t wait to watch it then. It is slated for 17 episodes and will air until November 25, 2022.

Dragon Raja promises an action-packed story with good drama on the sidelines and the quality of the animation looks surreal as shown in its previously unveiled trailers and PVs. Hence, this makes us all excited for it as the production team truly exerted real effort in making this adaptation look great and enticing.

Dragon Raja or Long Zu is adapted from the novel of the same name and was written by Jiang Nan, the brain behind some of the most successful and best-selling Chinese web novels such as Jade Dynasty which happens to receive an upcoming donghua adaptation from Tencent Penguin Pictures too.


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