10 Donghua Where the MC was Betrayed and Rise Up Again

Betrayal has been a common theme in Chinese animation, hence we often get donghua where the MC was betrayed and rise up again to take back what was stolen from them and exact vengeance upon people who wronged them and the people they cared for.

grandmaster of demonic cultivati

For donghua viewers who are craving this kind of antics, we have prepared a list of several donghua where the MC was betrayed but they still find ways to return and exact their revenge in one way or another.

Donghua Where the MC was Betrayed

King of Martial Arts

King of Martial Arts

This is a story of how a cultivator was kicked out from his sect, humiliated by his fellow cultivators, and even alienated by his lover; but he still strives to get stronger despite having an inner power broken, as he rises up once again and reach the pinnacle of the martial arts world.

Tales of Demons and Gods

A story of betrayal where the OP MC despite being at the top peak of the cultivation world has lost his power and went back to where it all started. Now, he is determined to rise up once again to protect the people he cherishes the most and exact vengeance upon the traitors who betrayed his trust.

The Founder of Diabolism

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation 2
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation 2

Despite being an investigative story, The Founder of Diabolism is a story of unraveling the truth, setting it free, and cleaning one’s reputation. Here, the rogue cultivator Wei Wuxian was resurrected and reunited with his former friends to unveil a conspiracy that blinded the whole cultivation world and clear his name.

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Just like Tales of Demons and Gods, this is a story of a top-notch swordsman who was betrayed by his best friend and finds himself turned back to his teenage self, powerless and bullied by many. Now, he must find ways to get stronger again and punish those who wronged him in memory of a girl that sacrificed her life to him.

Perfect World

Perfect World donghua
Perfect World donghua

Betrayed by the family where he came from, Shi Hao had gone through a lot, dying, resurrecting, and separated from his parents. Now, he will rise up again to challenge his cousin who took everything away from him, and the clan that gives him so much hardship through all these years.

Martial Master

Imagine being a legendary master but you still meet your demise at the hands of your friends, people whom you trusted a lot. Yet, you had been reborn 300 years later, and with all the knowledge from your previous life, you started your journey anew to get stronger and recreate your legend once again filled with so much blood and vengeance.

Thousand Autumns

Thousand Autumns
Thousand Autumns

Betrayed by his junior martial disciple, Shen Qiao has been sent on a tumultuous journey where he experienced various degrees of oppression, an experience he never had as a genius who live in seclusion in his sect. He had come face to face with the evils of the world and on this path, he met allies and foes alike, and get to know them which also helps him get stronger and awakened his real strength as his views of the world also changed a little by little but still remains righteous.

Song of the Broadsword

When you realized that your family and those people whom you cherish were slaughtered, it will surely make you mad and went a frenzy on seeking revenge. Such is the story of Song of the Broadsword, a story of revenge yet it also tells that there’s more to it than what meets the eye as it also raised questions about humanity’s moral standard.

Great Doctor Miss Nine

Great Doctor Miss Nine Donghua Anime

This Chinese isekai donghua is a story of revenge but more importantly, it is a story of a strong independent woman who needs no man.

Peerless Martial Spirit

Being betrayed by your lover while you are practicing and awakening your martial spirit and in the process having it stolen from you is a terrible experience but the MC of Peerless Martial Spirit had it all and has to train once again and get stronger as he vows to kill everyone who participated in betraying him.

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